Sci-fi game Evolve suddenly ‘revived’

Theo TechRadar, Evolve Stage 2 is the sequel to the game Left 4 Dead Developed by Turtle Rock Studios. The game disappointed longtime fans after changing the gameplay from fighting against hordes of zombies to tracking and hunting monsters.

Then just 2 years later, the dedicated server was down and Turtle Rock had to go back to the zombie storyline with Back 4 Blood. The game was later turned hidden (unlisted) and not searchable on Steam.

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Evolve Stage 2 once fell into oblivion and became invisible on Steam

Until recently, the only way to be playable Evolve Stage 2 is through peer-to-peer servers, but it continued to be down a few months ago. The community speculated that this happened due to a platform update, after which a bunch of Discord admins contacted the publisher 2K to bring the game back.

In short, the peer-to-peer servers of Evolve Legacy has been restored. But even more surprising, the matchmaking feature of Evolve Stage 2 was also brought back. And the number of players on Steam has skyrocketed since then.

Evolve Stage 2 (free-to-play version of Evolve, as opposed to the Legacy version) is currently seeing a resurgence on Steam. The Steam Charts stats page shows a spike in player numbers since the July update. The player base skyrocketed from 31 in June to 1,607 after 2K rolled out matchmaking and support. peer-to-peer server support.


Last weekend, Evolve has attracted almost active players Back 4 Blood.

Science fiction game Evolve suddenly 'revived' - photo 2

Evolve Stage 2’s player base is growing steadily

The community is very interested and has set a bigger goal of bringing Evolve publicly reappeared on Steam.

For a ‘dead’ game, Evolve somehow still maintaining a core player base. And now things are getting brighter. The world community may not be ready for the 2016 gaming model of Evolve. But if it has recovered in the age of direct-serve titles, it will certainly find a place.

It will be interesting to see what 2K will do next with Evolve. Turtle Rock shows they’re still sticking with the series as the studio recently ended the DLC Tunnels of Terror give Back 4 Blood.

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