Scientists turn dangerous nuclear waste into ceramics

Scientists turn dangerous nuclear waste into ceramics - Photo 1.

Nuclear waste container – Photo: SPUTNIK

Nuclear energy is one of the cleanest energy sources with low carbon emissions. But radioactive waste, a by-product of nuclear energy, has caused concern among nations.

In the past time, radioactive waste has been treated and stored by burning liquid and solid waste, followed by compressing them in cement-glass mixed tanks to be buried on the seabed or in remote areas. remote areas.

According to Sputnik news agency, scientists from Russia’s Far Eastern Federal University, in collaboration with the Institute of Chemistry of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences, have invented a new technology to treat hazardous solid nuclear wastes. into ceramic products.

Such ceramics not only ensure the safe disposal of radioactive waste, but also form the basis of radioisotope products, since it is also a source of ionizing radiation.

“These ceramic products can be used for the aerospace industry, medicine and various industries. For example, they are used in the manufacture of medical devices, including X-ray machines. , diagnostic installations based on the use of radioisotopes, devices for radiation therapy. Ceramic materials are also used as the basis for electrical current devices, such as nuclear batteries,” the school said in a statement. university said.

In addition, this technology can also help clean contaminated water effectively and safely. Scientists say they have managed to “subdue” new absorbents in a magnet.

In water, the new absorbent material “absorbs” radionuclides, then through controlled magnets, harmful radioactive components are extracted from the water.

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