Sealing 90 years of the will of the late Prince Philip

Prince Philip died in April at the age of 99 after more than seven decades of marriage to Queen Elizabeth II, according to ABC News.

Wills are usually a public document in the UK, but for nearly a century the wills of senior members of the royal family have often been sealed by court order.

Judge Andrew McFarlane ruled that the will of the late Prince Philip should be sealed for 90 years. The will can then be opened in private and considered whether its contents should be made public.

Sealing 90 years of the will of the late Prince Philip - Photo 1.

The late Prince Philip. Photo: AP

“Because of the Queen’s constitutional position, there is a special practice regarding Royal wills. It is necessary to strengthen the protection afforded to the truly private aspects of the Royal Family’s life, in order to uphold the dignity of the Queen and close members of her family,” McFarlane wrote.

Judge McFarlane stressed he had not read through or been informed of the contents of the will.

Judge McFarlane said he was the custodian of a safe containing 30 envelopes, each containing the sealed will of a deceased member of the royal family, including the will of Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Princess Margaret. of Queen Elizabeth II.

Princess Margaret died in 2002, and in the years that followed, a man named Robert Brown claimed to be her illegitimate son. However, he failed in the legal battle to make Princess Margaret’s will public in order to find evidence for his claim.

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