Searching for the man who knocked down a woman on the escalator

AmericaNew York police are searching for a man who stepped on a woman’s chest, causing her to tumble down an escalator at the Brooklyn subway station.

New York police say the man pushed past the 32-year-old woman as they were walking together up an escalator at Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Central Station on the evening of September 9. “Say sorry,” the woman said as she was pushed aside.

The US is looking for a man who kicked a woman to fall on an escalator

The suspect stepped on the woman on the escalator at a subway station in New York, USA on September 9. Video: New York Police.

The man is said to reply, “I told you so,” then turned around, slamming the woman’s chest, sending her down a few steps, before tumbling down.

“I didn’t touch this man at all. I don’t have any prior contact with him,” said the unnamed victim, describing the attacker’s actions.

Surveillance video released on September 12 showed that in addition to the victim and suspect, one person was riding the escalator right next to the victim at the time of the attack, several others descending on the other side of the ladder. The victim suffered scratches and bruises on his back, arms, legs, right knee and right thigh, as well as an injury to his left ankle, but refused medical attention.

The police are looking for the suspect. The victim noted that she was wearing headphones at the time and may not have heard the man say sorry.

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