Secretary of Tuy Hoa City Party Committee came to the house to encourage Tram after Tuoi Tre’s article

Secretary of Tuy Hoa City Party Committee came to the house to encourage Tram after Tuoi Tre's article - Photo 1.

Secretary of Tuy Hoa City Party Committee Huynh Lu Tan (third from left) visited and encouraged her niece and nephew, student, Ho Thi Bich Tram – Photo: KHANH DIEU

On the afternoon of September 20, Mr. Huynh Lu Tan – Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of Tuy Hoa City Party Committee – went to the house of Ho Thi Bich Tram – a new student of biotechnology at the University of Technology. Da Nang – to visit and give gifts to encourage Tram.

Mr. Tan said that he was very emotional after reading the article “Eating one meal a day, the orphaned Tram raised the dream of going to university”.Youth Online September 19th, so I decided to come and encourage you.

“Reading the article, I was touched, coming to my house was even more touched because of the difficulties of the two grandchildren. Grandma is 84 years old, old and weak, still a refuge for her grandchildren. As for Tram, even though her father is an orphan, As a mother, the situation is very difficult, but she always has a strong will to overcome and is determined to study even higher and better. shall.

Mr. Tan said that right after reading the article, at noon on September 19, he directed the Party Committee of Ward 2 (where Tram’s family permanently resides) to carefully check the information and advocate for support for the child’s studies.

On the afternoon of September 20, in addition to the personal gift of the Secretary of Tuy Hoa City Party Committee, a representative of the Party Committee and People’s Committee of Ward 2 said that they had called for businesses and benefactors to support and support Tram with a total of 56 million VND. .

“We try to mobilize funds to support Tram’s studies until he finishes university,” said Mr. Tan.

After the article about Tram was posted on Youth Online, many readers have called to encourage me and find ways to support me to overcome the immediate difficulties. On September 19, a retired reader in Quy Nhon city (Binh Dinh province) came to the representative office of the newspaper Youth in Binh Dinh sent 3 million VND to support Tram.

In addition, Tram said that in the past 2 days, many people have called, come to visit, encourage and give gifts.

“This Thursday (September 22), I will go to school. I am very grateful for the timely help and improvement of the State, benefactors and the whole society” – Tram confided.

Ho Thi Bich Tram lost both her parents when she was just over 1 year old. Since then, I have grown up with the love of my grandparents and the single uncle who rode a tricycle in the same house. In 2016, Tram’s grandfather passed away due to old age and weakness, and his grandmother is now 84 years old with many diseases. The family belongs to the poor households, living on the subsidy of the State. Tram usually only eats one meal a day, but is always a good student.

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