Selena Gomez cried ‘out of tears’ in the documentary teaser about her life

On September 20, the first teaser of the documentary about the journey of life was revealed by Selena Gomez. The movie is titled My Mind & Me, gives the audience a closer look at the 6 most difficult years of this former Disney star’s life.

In this teaser, fans are heartbroken when they see the singer/actress constantly crying. In a few short scenes, the audience can also see her smile, but soon after, Selena collapses and “cries out of tears”. It seems that in the past 6 years, the vocalist Lose You To Love Me had to face a lot of problems before being able to reach the success and peace as it is today.

Selena Gomez cries out in tears in the documentary teaser about her life - Photo 2.

The image of Selena Gomez cannot hide her sadness and tears in the new documentary teaser. (Image: Apple TV)

After the teaser was posted, Selena also shared her thoughts on her personal page. “My mind and I… Sometimes we don’t get along at all and there are times when I even find it difficult to breathe. But I would never change my life,” said the voice. born in 1992 shared.

According to the previous announcement, the film will show a very different image of Selena Gomez in her 6-year journey back with “new aura”. For six years, the singer took an “unexpected turn that pulled her into the dark”. The documentary shows Selena’s closeness, vulnerability, and how the singer finds herself with a better version of herself.

The documentary about Selena Gomez will be directed by Alek Keshishian. He is also a famous director who directed Madonna’s musical documentary in 1991 titled Truth or Dare. My Mind & Me It will be officially released to the audience on November 4.

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