Send a letter to ‘Relay to School’ but… not applying for a scholarship

Send a letter to School Relay but... do not apply for a scholarship - Photo 1.

Long Thu Nguyet, 2nd year student at the Court Academy – Photo provided by the character

A year ago, the story of Half-Breaked Noodles and a Dream of Being a Judge by new student Long Thu Nguyet (Court Academy) makes readers feel sad. Many hands outstretched share for the Tay girl’s way to school less arduous.

“If someone asked me if I needed a scholarship, I would say I really need it. My family is too poor, the money I earn is just enough to eat and it will be too little for me to go to university. Looking at the situation, there was a time when I wanted to quit school. At that time, my faith in me completely lost, every time I thought about it, tears kept falling down. Fortunately, thanks to the information from the teacher about the scholarship Relay to school, it gave me strength to continue writing my dream of going to college, to fulfill my ambition to become a good judge to help the people and help the country.”

Excerpt from the letter sent to the School Relay Scholarship Fund 2020, Long Thu Nguyet

Dream of being an honest judge

One year after receiving the special scholarship, Nguyet wore the uniform of the Court Academy full of confidence, smiling brightly. In the letter sent to Youth, Nguyet confided that it was the precious gift of that day that fueled her with the name of the scholarship Relay to school.

Send a letter to School Relay but... do not apply for a scholarship - Photo 3.

On that day, the story of the new student’s half-broken noodle package moved the community to be ready to join hands and help Nguyet – Photo: HA THANH

“A year ago, holding a university admission certificate with a mess, worried about where to get money to pay tuition fees, who would you marry in a foreign land to rely on here? The difficult family is now piling up even more. poor, already poor, even poorer.

There were times when I felt sorry for the situation, loved my parents who were struggling to repay the debt, I thought about not going to school anymore.

Fortunately, I am not alone, in difficulties there are still hearts willing to help, comfort, encourage me to continue studying and give me really meaningful gifts.

Wish that the scholarship fund Relay to school will help more situations and spread love to everyone.

For new students, try to be consistent with the path you have chosen. Even if the road is full of rocks and thorns, don’t falter but be confident, try to overcome adversity. Because somewhere the light of success, faith, and hope is at the end of the road,” Nguyet wrote in a letter sent to School Relay in 2021.

Walk strong

Send a letter to School Relay but... do not apply for a scholarship - Photo 4.

Tran Thi Hong Ngoc is radiant at her new school – Photo: DUONG TRIEU

Her mother had a serious illness, her family situation was too difficult, received the admission notice, Tran Thi Hong Ngoc (a student at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities) intended to “frame” the newspaper to keep it as a memory. object, put aside the dream of entering the university lecture hall.

Two years later, when sending a letter to the scholarship fund, Ngoc shared that her mother’s illness, despite having to be treated with medication, was regularly examined, and her life was gradually becoming more stable with part-time jobs and activities. community.

“On this compassionate journey, Ngoc is not alone, but always has companions. In a world where artificial intelligence is honored, kindness must be enhanced. can create super brains, but can’t create even small hearts.”

Excerpt from the speech of Prof. Dr. Pham Quang Minh, former Rector of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Hanoi in 2019

Send a letter to School Relay but... do not apply for a scholarship - Photo 6.

With her mother suffering from a serious illness, Hong Ngoc once thought she would give up her university career – Photo: DOAN HOA

“On the eve of the new school year, many gates open, but at the same time, it also presents a difficult choice for many people between the dream of going to university or working to help the family.

Two years ago, I used to stand between those two roads, sometimes it seemed like giving up, “framed” dreams into memories. But the “cool breeze” from everyone gave me more motivation, gave me more faith and hope.

Alone in the large capital, worrying about her mother at home alone with illness, sometimes I wanted to stop. But it was the mother who supported and encouraged her daughter to overcome difficulties. Recalling the time when people helped and gave trust, I asked myself: Why not believe in myself?

Everything has burned in me with the desire, to once again get up and move on, learn to adapt to the situation, be independent and manage time, step by step perfecting myself. Also because, winning over yourself is the most joyful victory.

Send a letter to School Relay but... do not apply for a scholarship - Photo 7.

The girl that day continues to write a story of kindness with charity work – Photo: NVCC

After 2 years of studying at the lecture hall, the “green sprout” that day became stronger and more confident, starting the journey to continue the love, actively participating in volunteer work and community activities.

We hope that the new students this year will always nurture and fulfill their dreams. Maybe the situation once brought you down, but never gave up.

Write a dream from a remote village

More than 3 years ago, Lo Van Manh left the shack on stilts in the village, went to Son La city to ask for help to earn money to pay tuition fees. The Manh family belongs to a poor household, and their parents don’t have enough to eat their whole life, let alone get money to feed their children.

By the high school term, Lo Van Manh scored 27 points (including plus points). Knowing his college entrance exam scores, Manh hid them for fear that his parents would worry about tuition.

Send a letter to School Relay but... do not apply for a scholarship - Photo 8.

The sweat of labor that day forged Manh to become a strong man in the lecture hall of Hanoi Law University – Anh: HA THANH

However, the material difficulties cannot be measured by the mental shock. In 2018, while the security agency was investigating an exam cheating ring in Son La, Manh was caught up in a “storm of public opinion” when he posted a Thai camp with university scores. A lot of people commented on attacking, cursing and saying the young man… ran the score.

Manh could only laugh sadly. As a child of the Thai ethnic group, Manh’s family is very poor, where do they get money to run points? Knowing Manh’s situation, newspaper Youth went to the place, moved to witness the tireless hard work of the young man who had just turned 18. It was the sweat that soaked the back of his shirt that day that forged in Manh a resilient and brave heart to overcome Through all difficulties, continue to write dreams in the lecture hall of Hanoi Law University.

“From a shy student with many surprises, I have gradually adapted to life here. I have good friends who are always ready to help when in trouble.

I also worked harder to participate in school activities and work part-time jobs so that I could support my family.

Remember 3 years ago when holding the admission notice, mixed feelings of joy and sadness. I hope to pursue my dream, but I am worried when I think about the cost of living a student life in a big city.

When the “storm” of cheating on exam scores hit, the worry was multiplied not knowing if it was possible to get along with you in a new environment or not?

Fortunately, during my difficult time, I received a part of the School Relay Scholarship of the newspaper Youth.

The scholarship has helped me a lot, helping me settle into a new life in Hanoi. Not only the material support, but the scholarship also gives me spiritual support to be firmly on the path to pursue my dream.

This year, although we are facing difficulties due to the epidemic, I wish that the new students will confidently step forward, always persevere in trying despite any difficulties or failures on the way. mine. Never give up the dream”.

Send a letter to School Relay but... do not apply for a scholarship - Photo 9.

Graphics: NGOC THANH


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