Set foot in the land of hope

Set foot on the land of hope - Photo 1.

Consul General Wei Hoa Tuong (far left) visits a Vietnamese farmer in Dak Lak – Photo: Chinese Embassy

When I heard that I was sent to work in the city named after President Ho Chi Minh, even though I had prepared, I still felt “uncertain”, it was difficult to imagine what the actual situation would be there. .

When I flew from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, I saw the airport staff serving people with disabilities enthusiastically; Seeing the shelves full of specialties, the sales staff introduced them very enthusiastically and thoughtfully.

All of this gives me a sense of a hospitable and loving atmosphere. And I call HCMC “the land of hope”.

The story of the man who kept the car

In my spare time, I like to stand on the balcony of my residence to observe Ho Chi Minh City, read the newspapers hard, start interacting with the dignitaries of all classes as well as ordinary people here, feel the wind “rising up” , practicality, vitality and friendship” of this city.

I have held many positions and moved to many places. Every time I go to a new place, I thoroughly research the feng shui mistress of that place. There is one thing that embarrasses me but also makes me feel unforgettable and heartwarming.

I’m used to bringing crypto wallets without cash out in China. One day at the basement parking lot of a hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, I searched all my pockets and still couldn’t find a coin to pay the parking fee.

The toll booth staff waits and smiles. After confirming that I didn’t bring cash, he happily accepted my suggestion to make up for it next time, then ran to the lane to guide me to the exit.

The next day, when my colleague paid, he even wished me good health and everything went well. This made me feel deeply about the simplicity, gentleness and kindness of the Vietnamese people.

Also in this city, people are actively studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and style.

Since then, I have realized a solid political foundation for Sino-Vietnamese cooperation. Young people are rewarded in learning movements and doctors take the initiative to go to the grassroots hospital to serve the people.

I am the son of a “barefoot” doctor, so I sympathize with these commended people. Leaders at all levels of Party and government agencies actively carry out dialogues with workers, farmers and investors, actively solve problems related to infrastructure, land, employees, healthcare, business environment, logistics…

This practical and competent working style is a solid guarantee for growth and advancement. The city’s macroeconomic indicators recovered strongly and achieved spectacular results.

In the first 6 months of this year, I was impressed with the gross domestic product (GRDP) of Ho Chi Minh City increased by 3.82%, financial income increased by 17.49%, the index of industrial production increased by 3, 1%, total import and export turnover increased by 13.8% over the same period last year.

New industries such as the digital economy and smart cities tend to develop well, a specialized structure for the digital economy at all levels is established, and the development of new dynamics is promoted.

Going to meet Vietnamese farmers

I visited Dak Lak province according to the “smell of coffee”. During that visit, I went into the coffee garden and the fruit garden. With his hands covered with calluses, a farmer hurriedly peeled an avocado for me to enjoy, cut a dragon fruit for me to eat and said “homemade, eat freely”.

Shandong province is the hometown of Confucius, also my hometown. In Shandong, farmers are also very enthusiastic and hospitable, so they have earned a reputation as “Shandong Hospitality”.

Although we can’t speak different languages ​​directly, we walk hand in hand on the red land. He taught me to distinguish Vietnamese durian and Thai durian by leaves, fruit shape, aroma and pulp.

He also introduced me how to export passion fruit to different markets like China, Europe in accordance with different standards. We discussed how to change the type of fruit according to the changes of the market, how to get a loan.

We enjoyed freshly picked “green tea”, picked a kind of green leaf and ate it with laughter. The exchange time was only two hours, but the conversation between the two of us was very comfortable.

When we parted, hands were clasped together, he said: “We are the same age, share the same zodiac, are good brothers, hope you will visit again next time”.

At the meeting with Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Nguyen Van Nen last June, the Secretary appreciated that I always treat farmers with gratitude.

I will endeavor to promote cooperation and exchange of development knowledge and experiences in key areas, including agriculture.

As the Consul General of China in Ho Chi Minh City, I am willing to promote my role as a bridge and promote the cooperation of the two sides into depth. I will love this land, hope I can be accepted as a common citizen of the city.

Mr. Wei Hoa Tuong (50 years old) has a doctorate in economics. He started his term as consul general of China in Ho Chi Minh City at the end of May 2022, after being awarded a consular acceptance letter by the leader of the Consular Department (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam).

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