Severe mental health crisis due to COVID-19 in Australia

Severe mental health crisis due to COVID-19 in Australia - Photo 1.

Many Australians report high levels of suffering related to COVID-19 – Photo:

The numbers on the mental health crisis in Australia are alarming. Australia’s National Bureau of Statistics says one in three people aged 18-34 said they experienced high levels of distress in June 2021. Of course, this statistic does not fully capture the impact of the latest blockades in Sydney.

Particularly in the state of New South Wales, the epicenter of the epidemic in Australia, the number of emergency hospital admissions with thoughts of self-harm or suicide among youth 12-17 years old this year increased by 49% compared to 2019.

Patrick McGworthy, professor of adolescent mental health at the University of Melbourne, uses the phrase “pandemic in the dark” to describe the secondary impact of COVID-19 on people’s mental health and young people in Australia.

He believes that all people are affected psychologically, whether severe or transient, and will inevitably have long-term effects. The major challenge facing Australia is how to manage the psychological and emotional impacts of COVID-19, especially among young and vulnerable people.

They have lost their sense of security, faced their fears about the virus, lost a lot of other things in their lives such as the need to exercise, meet other people, perform social, occupational or social roles. Work…

Channel News Asia reports that to address the secondary psychological crisis in Australia, more mental health clinics have been opened in Sydney’s hardest-hit suburbs, where the lockdown COVID-19 prevention has entered its third month.

The clinics serve patients of all ages and are designed to provide urgent care to those who have difficulty adapting to restrictive measures to prevent the epidemic.

Experts say the psychological crisis, whether caused by the pandemic or other social problems, is real and needs a global strategy to address its long-term effects, especially on young people.


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