Shanghai, Beijing ease Covid-19 restrictions

ChinaShanghai is expected to relax restrictions on epidemic prevention from next week, while Beijing will end the requirement to work from home in some districts.

“We will fully support and will organize the resumption of production and labor activities of enterprises in different industries and fields,” Shanghai deputy mayor Ngo Thanh said at a press conference on May 28. It also said the city would “remove unreasonable restrictions” but gave no details.

Earlier on the same day, Shanghai government spokesman Doan Xin said “the Covid-19 situation in the city continues to stabilize and improve”, adding that the city’s strategy is “towards normalcy”. prevention and control of epidemics”.

Shanghai plans to ease testing requirements for people who want to enter public areas to encourage people to return to work.

People who go into public places or use public transport need to present a PCR test paper with negative results for nCoV within 72 hours, instead of 48 hours as before.

Medical staff take a Covid-19 test sample for a man in Jing'an district, Shanghai, China on May 27.

Medical staff take a Covid-19 test sample for a man in Jing’an district, Shanghai, China on May 27.

Beijing capital from May 29 allows libraries, museums, theaters and gyms in districts that have not recorded any community Covid-19 cases for 7 consecutive days to be allowed to reopen. Limit the number of people inside.

The two districts of Phong Son and Thuan Nghia will end the work-from-home requirement. Public transport services in these two districts and Chaoyang, Beijing’s largest district, will largely resume. However, Beijing has not yet allowed the public to eat at restaurants across the city.

Shanghai in the past 24 hours recorded more than 100 more Covid-19 cases, this number in Beijing is 21 cases. According to the statistics page WorldoMeterChina recorded 224,015 infections, of which there were 5,226 deaths.

China still persists in implementing “No Covid-19”, imposing blockade orders and restricting movement to many cities, but is expected to be lifted when the epidemic is contained.

Nguyen Tien (Theo Reuters)

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