Shipper requires female customers to wear a bra to deliver because it is “uncomfortable”, social media is busy arguing who is right and who is wrong

In the past few days, a Facebook post by a girl in Thailand has created a great debate in the country. Accordingly, the girl recounted the story that when ordering food through the Foodpanda food delivery app, she received a message from a male shipper with the content: “Customers please wear a bra when you go out to get things. I don’t feel comfortable if you don’t.”.

The request from the shipper was fiercely controversial, especially from Thai women. Netizens divided into two distinctly opposing opinions. One side criticized the male shipper for this request being too sensitive, completely inappropriate and said that women have the right to not wear underwear if it makes them comfortable.

“It’s her right for a woman to wear a bra or not. That doesn’t mean anyone can harass or humiliate her.”

“Women don’t have to wear a bra when they’re only going to get food for a few minutes. It’s their choice to wear it or not.”

“The problem of sexual harassment has nothing to do with dress. It’s entirely your problem that men feel “uncomfortable”, not the woman’s fault!”

Shipper asked female customers to wear a bra to deliver the goods because they were

The sensitive and special request from the male shipper caused a stir in Thai social networks (Artwork)

However, there are also many people who agree with the shipper and think that the image of women without bras when going out on the street can be offensive to viewers. Some male shippers on this occasion also enthusiastically shared their “blushing” experiences when meeting female customers without bras or wearing revealing clothes at home while picking up items. Some people claim this makes them feel like they’ve been sexually harassed by clients.

“In countries like the West, going free is not a big deal, but in an Asian country that still has a high number of sex offenders like Thailand, it is not appropriate.”

“Wearing clothes that are not offensive is an act of self-protection from the risk of sexual harassment, so why don’t women wear it when going out, in public places?”

“I think it’s okay for women not to wear a bra for comfort, but when going out, you should still use pads to not reveal your delicate image.”

Shipper asked female customers to wear a bra to deliver because it was

Thai netizens have been arguing fiercely about the issue for the past week

The incident caused such controversy that the Thai food delivery company Foodpanda had to apologize. The company confirmed that the shipper’s behavior of sending such request messages was Violation of Foodpanda employee code of conduct and committed to investigating and disciplining the shipper.

Ms. Jintana Chanbumrung – Director of the Department of Women and Family Development of Thailand said that she sent a letter to ask Foodpanda to select staff more carefully.

When referring to this incident, Colonel Kissana Phathanacharoen – deputy spokesman of the Royal Thai Police said that shippers who harass customers can be sentenced to one month in prison or an administrative fine of 10,000 baht (about 7 million VND). ). He also called on customers who have been harassed to file a complaint with the police.

Source: Bangkok Post, Sanook

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