Shocked to find the sex doll identical to her, the female model researched and then discovered the offensive truth and filed a lawsuit.

The story shared by female model Yael Cohen Aris, 25, recently made public discontent. Appearing on the British ITV channel on January 10, the beautiful female model said she was shocked when she heard the story could not be more shocking.

In 2019, she said, an Instagram fan messaged and warned her in advance. This person referred her to a social networking forum, where there were discussions about building sex dolls that looked exactly like her in real life. Although it was a myth, Yael Cohen didn’t believe the crazy plan was real, so he completely ignored it. However, last year, this female model was shocked when she realized that her dolls that looked like her “twins” had actually been born.

Follow Metro, a sex doll produced by Irontech Dolls has a face, hair, and moles and is for sale with the exact same name as Israeli model Yael Cohen Aris. Even worse, the company also used Aris’ real-life photos to advertise and market this doll.

Shocked to find that the sex doll was exactly like her, the female model found out and then discovered the offensive truth and filed a lawsuit - Photo 1.

Model sex doll (left) is produced copy image even the name of model Yael Cohen Aris

“Sex dolls are objects, not real people. It’s not about the mole or the face that matters. But once it’s attached to my name and image, this is what it is. can no longer be mistaken”, Yael Cohen expressed anger at this company’s indefensible act. She insists she has no grudge against the sex doll industry, but using her image and identity without permission is a violation of the law and the honor of others.

The Israeli female model said that she is currently completing all procedures to bring Irontech Dolls to court. However, before all the allegations, the representative of this company still spoke up and insisted that all these similarities are “coincidence”. They also promised not to use her name to market products anymore. “We will notify all partners to stop using this name and any photos related to her.“, Irontech Dolls announced.

However, according to research, until January 11, the doll was still offered for sale everywhere under the name of the female model. This sex doll model has no internal skeleton, the head is removable. According to the local news site, it is being sold for more than 1,400 USD on exchanges.

Source: Metro, RT

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