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Ms. Nguyen Thuy Huong, in Tuyen Quang, could not hide her frustration when her daughter applied for admission to a school in the economic sector in Hanoi, but accessing the school’s fanpage, the information was not related to the child’s method. want to apply. “Last year I applied for admission but it was not as troublesome as this year. I just need to consider how to use the results of the high school graduation exam, but the school doesn’t have any specific instructions with this method, how to register”, Huong wondered.

The reason why she and her children are confused is because this year’s information has adjusted the way to register. But when I go to the website and fanpage of the schools, I only see instructions on how to register for separate admissions methods, there are no specific instructions for the method of graduation exam scores, so Ms. Huong and her children do not know this method. Will there be any adjustments this year?

Register for admission: Maze Battle - Photo 1.

This year, each candidate can only be accepted for one wish by one method. Photo: Nghiem Hue

Contestant Pham Thi Hai in Thai Binh wondered if she had registered and received a successful registration email from July 15. But as a re-testing candidate, he still uses the same citizen identification number as last year, so now when he logs in, the profile is transferred to Hai’s old profile, only showing last year’s admission requirements, no information is displayed. of this year. Hai emailed and called the school but did not receive a reply, did not know what to do.

The record shows that the current information channel that many candidates are interested in is on the fanpages of universities. However, here, schools only guide candidates to register their aspirations for their own selection methods, that is, methods of candidates who have been accepted (temporarily) or methods of admission in combination with other candidates. high school graduation exam scores, thinking assessment test scores. As for the method of assessing graduation exam scores, schools seem to forget. In fact, there is a small percentage of candidates who want to apply for admission by this method.

Many candidates said that they had been conditionally admitted to universities by early admission method (records, capacity assessment) and the school required candidates to register their wish 1 on the system of the Ministry of Education and Training. , otherwise the results of the examination will be cancelled. While candidates want to register for other aspirations, they are worried. On the other hand, the Ministry of Education and Training has not yet announced the minimum quality assurance threshold (floor score) for teacher training and health. A large number of candidates do not know how to choose, so requiring candidates to confirm admission or register for 1st choice for the selected majors is not a small pressure for them.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thu Thuy, Director of the Higher Education Department, Ministry of Education and Training, affirmed that the virtual filtering system will definitely help candidates pass the priority aspirations possible, without having to worry about choosing between methods. different admissions.

Candidates do not have to confirm their admission in advance for other methods, pre-confirmation of admission may lose their chances of being admitted to the schools and fields of their choice, or the candidate must pay a fee. reservation fee. Regulations do not allow schools to do this. The registration of aspirations is the right of the candidate, chosen by them. Candidates must follow the procedure to register for admission on the general system in accordance with the regulations of the ministry. If you want to enroll in any school or major, when you apply for admission on the system, you must put it at the highest priority.

Even though he got good grades, he still failed to graduate because of poor grades

In this year’s graduation exam, there were quite a few candidates who failed to graduate because some subjects were paralyzed despite the high total score.

According to the regulations of the High School Graduation Exam Regulations, the score listed in the high school graduation consideration is 1 point or less. Paralyzed scores are calculated for all tests and components of the combined exam and are not eligible for high school graduation.

Statistics from the Ministry of Education and Training show that the number of candidates with test scores of 1 or less for Math is 165; Literature has 194 candidates; Physics has 24 candidates; Chemistry subject 43 candidates; Biology has 94 candidates; History has 83 candidates; Geography has 38 candidates; The subject of Civic Education has 30 candidates; English subject has the most with 423 candidates. Thus, 9 subjects had 1,094 test scores with paralysis. Among these, in addition to the free candidates (candidates who only take some subjects to get results of university entrance exams or take the paralyzed subjects of the previous year to consider graduation), there are many students in grade 12 who failed to graduate. Although the scores in the remaining subjects are quite high.

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