Singapore discusses bill to prevent foreign hostile forces

Singapore discussed the bill to prevent foreign hostile forces - Photo 1.

The Foreign Intervention Countermeasures Bill will give the Singapore Government a range of tools to combat hostile foreign actors – Photo: STRAITS TIMES

According to the newspaper Straits Times, Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs said the small island nation is particularly vulnerable to foreign interference because it is a diverse and open society, highly digitally connected. The bill would therefore give the Singapore Government a range of tools to combat hostile actors.

Accordingly, Singapore authorities will have the right to require Internet and social network service providers to provide user information, remove online content and lock user accounts.

Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs stated that this bill is aimed at preventing foreign hostile forces from spreading misinformation about domestic political issues, causing division by controversial issues related to them. to race and religion…

“These regulations do not apply to Singaporeans expressing their personal views on political issues, unless they represent a foreign organization. Singaporeans have the right to discuss political issues. “, emphasized Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs.

Nor does the rule apply to foreign individuals or foreign publications that openly and transparently report or comment on Singaporean politics, even if these comments may be critical of Singapore or otherwise. Government,” Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs added.

According to Radio Channel NewsAsia, the bill also defines individuals and groups directly involved in Singapore’s political process as “politically significant persons” or PSP.

PSP includes political parties, politicians, members of the Parliament of Singapore as well as candidates running for elections and their electoral representations. PSPs must comply with regulations to minimize the risk of foreign interference.

For example, under the bill, PSPs are required to report contributions of S$10,000 (approximately $7,500) or more from legitimate donors, as well as multiple contributions from the same donor totaling from S$10,000 or more in 1 year.

In addition, the bill also requires PSPs to disclose all foreign affiliates and establishments.


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