Singapore’s Covid-19 cases increased sharply

Singapore on September 12 reported 555 cases of Covid-19, the highest level ever recorded within a year.

The world has recorded 224,962,534 nCoV infections and 4,632,787 deaths, an increase of 439,699 and 7,494, respectively, while 199,774,772 people have recovered, according to real-time statistics site Worldometers.

Singapore on September 12 announced 555 new Covid-19 cases, similar to the previous day and also the highest level in a year ever recorded. The number of Covid-19 cases in Singapore has increased in recent days since the country gradually reopened, after more than 80% of the population was fully vaccinated.

Singapore is increasing testing to detect infections in the community early, according to the Singapore Covid-19 task force (MTF). The Commission manages the current wave of infections starting from August 23, and this is the first time that Singapore has recorded an exponential increase in the number of new infections in the community. The number of infections per day increased on average from 76 cases in the previous two weeks to 288 cases per day in the past week.

“While our vaccination rates have surpassed many other countries and are among the highest in vaccine coverage in the world, we still need to ensure that the number of new infections does not spike, causing the number of serious cases to increase. increase and overload the health system,” MTF co-chairman and Singapore’s Minister of Trade and Industry Gan Kim Yong said during an online conference on September 11.

The next two to four weeks are very important for Singapore, he said, because “we want to find out if the patient is progressing to a serious illness.” Singapore will step up testing and increase vaccination coverage in the coming days.

A woman receives a Covid-19 vaccine at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore on September 7.  Photo: AFP

A woman receives a Covid-19 vaccine at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore on September 7. Photo: AFP

Health officials America 11 reported data on reduced mortality and hospitalization for fully vaccinated people compared with unvaccinated people, as the highly contagious Delta strain is becoming the dominant strain.

“As we’ve shown in study after study, vaccines really do work,” said Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Rochelle Walensky at a press conference, referring to Three newly published CDC studies all highlight the effectiveness of vaccines against serious consequences.

Italy, the 12th largest epidemic area in the world with 4,601,749 infections and 129,885 deaths, up from 5,193 and 57 cases respectively the previous day, according to the Italian Ministry of Health. However, hospitalized Covid-19 patients, excluding those in intensive care, were 4,117 on September 12, down from 4,164 the day before.

There were 40 new cases requiring hospitalization in the intensive care unit, up from 37 on September 11. The total number of patients in the intensive care unit was 547 compared with 548 a day ago.

New Zealand On September 11 announced the discovery of 23 new infections within 24 hours, dampening optimism that the country is on the way to eradicating Covid-19. The number of new infections were all in Auckland, an increase of 11 cases compared to a day ago.

“This is a really powerful reminder of how important it is to follow the Covid-19 alert level policy wherever you are, get tested if you have any symptoms or have been to a place of concern. for a specific time,” New Zealand’s Health Minister said.

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