Small partners can’t give up

The strategic competition between the US and China in the small island nations in the South Pacific region became more public and fierce with the first time the US side held a high-level meeting between Washington and the island nations. This event takes place on September 28 and 29.

Not only that, the US has also for the first time launched a strategy for the creation and development of US cooperative relations with these island nations alone.

The special interest and priority of the administration of US President Joe Biden for these remote oceanic island nations is mainly due to their increasing value in geopolitical strategy. from major external partners, especially the US and China.

The island nation is small but not light in weight, a small partner that cannot be abandoned for the US for two main reasons.

The firstThe US has calculated and is playing a world political game in the Indo-Pacific region. Therefore, the island nations in the South Pacific region are no longer partners in “remote areas” as in the long-standing approach, but together with Australia and New Zealand form one of the key strategic areas. strategy in the large Indo-Pacific region.

Monday, The United States must act quickly to conquer these islands when it sees China’s efforts – and has achieved initial results – to seduce them.

Therefore, it can be seen that the diplomatic activities of the US in the past time in the area of ​​other islands, the first high-level meeting recently in the US and the first strategy aimed at the area of ​​those island countries are all what the US side both wants to do and has to do.

Small partners cannot give up - Photo 1.

Leaders attend the Summit between the US and Pacific island nations at the White House on September 29 Photo: Reuters

The Solomon Islands and the Marshall Islands also do not dare to defy the US because of China. They rejected some American offers just to get along with the US and play the counter-card as much as possible.

The launch of its own strategy with a different approach and content from what China had previously offered to these partners was effective for the US.

The meeting did not go completely smoothly, but it was ultimately successful for the US. The joint statement included 11 points of the event that opened a new era and level of cooperation between the two sides.

There are four characteristics that can be seen for the way the US “confessed” to the small island nations in the South Pacific.

The firstThe United States openly shows its intention and goodwill to enlist and value all island nations in this region, regardless of how they currently relate to China.

Monday, the US increased its direct presence in the region in terms of diplomacy (opening more permanent embassies in some places), increased financial aid to these partners (US$810 million and will be more) and the The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) will be present in this region, clearly demonstrating its intention to commit to long-term, programmatic development cooperation and gradually institutionalize this cooperation. Diplomacy and aid are given special importance.

Tuesday, The United States orients its cooperative relationship with these island nations to focus on the most practical and urgent areas and issues for the island nations, such as combating global climate change, sustainable economic development, and sustainable development. the infrastructure…

Wednesday, The US gives these island nations a certain position and role in the process of implementing the US’s common strategy for the large Indo-Pacific region. All of this creates a charm that is hard for island nations to resist.

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