Smart air conditioner monitoring and control solution

A device called BenKon SmartAir Smart AC Tracker & Controller has been “launched” with the ability to measure parameters of power consumption, operating time and ambient parameters to make recommendations for control. suitable adjustment. Thanks to smart features, the device helps to optimize power consumption by up to 40%, saving operating costs and space efficiency.

Solution to monitor and control smart air conditioners - photo 1

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Smart Tracker feature brings certain benefits to consumers such as: monitoring power consumption, monitoring air conditioning capacity, monitoring operating time, monitoring humidity and air temperature. By providing information about the operating status of the air conditioner, helping users make appropriate adjustments.


In addition, monitoring the air conditioner in real time and remembering the user’s habits, temperature and humidity in the device’s air will offer scenarios suitable for the user’s audience to be able to Save energy but still ensure comfort.

With the popularity of smartphones, smartwatches and tablets, users can control and optimize the operation of their air conditioners from these devices, including older generation air conditioners. Scheduling features or pre-programmed modes also make automation easier, besides automatically learning user habits for optimal experiences without manual adjustments as before. this.

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