Smart handling of a mother when her child arbitrarily eats food in the supermarket

Young children do not understand the story, so sometimes they have very emotional actions, like to do it without knowing how it affects them. That’s why parents are embarrassed when their children innocently take other people’s things without permission or like the case of a mother in Guangzhou (Guangdong, China) that is causing a fever in the following online community.

Specifically, when the mother and daughter were shopping, the boy suddenly complained of hunger. While the mother was struggling to choose something, the boy carelessly took a bunch of bananas at the counter to cut them, eating and playing without knowing that he had to pay in advance for that item.

A mother's smart handling when her children eat food in the supermarket - Photo 1.

Immediately ask the child to apologize to the boss himself.

Seeing her child make a mistake, the mother was very angry. But seeing the scared baby hiding behind her mother when she noticed the discomfort of the supermarket staff, immediately, the mother squatted down to face her and looked directly into the child’s eyes and said: “I’m sorry. We haven’t bought this banana yet, it still belongs to the supermarket. It’s wrong for you to destroy other people’s things. Even at home, bananas are for eating, not breaking.”. The child timidly bowed his head in apology to the salesman.

The mother picked up the bananas the child had cut up and put them in the cart, turned around and said to the child: “You made these mistakes. Now I can pay for your behavior, but you have to make up for it by doing housework.” After that, the mother apologized to the supermarket staff again and led her child to the checkout counter. Perhaps still not feeling guilty, the mother also went back to the store to buy a lot of other fruits to compensate.

In the end, everything was fine, everyone around also dispersed, but everyone admired the young mother’s handling of the situation. She helped her children realize their mistakes from an early age and also taught them that they have to bear the consequences of their mistakes without making them too embarrassed or scared.

Smart handling of a mother when her children eat food in the supermarket - Photo 2.

Many parents may scold their children immediately after their child has made a mistake, which is really useless. In the above case, this mother’s education with a few simple steps is much better than beating and scolding.

The story seems simple, but in reality, some parents with young children do not think so. It is clear that the children themselves make mistakes, but they still blame others.

There was a controversy in the past. A child made noise on the bullet train. The passenger next to him couldn’t stand it, so he reminded his parents, but was also mocked by the other person: “You’ve never been on a bullet train with kids, have you? Ok, then I’ll forgive you.”

There are no bad children, only uneducated parents

Children’s education must begin with the family. Family is the child’s first school, parents are the child’s first teacher and also the teacher who will teach the child the longest. The qualities and attitudes that children learn from their parents will have a huge impact on their lifelong development.

There are no bad children, only uneducated parents. Indeed, in this world children are born like a blank sheet of paper, what they can become depends entirely on the education of their parents.

Many times, parents protect their children to the point of blindness, they refuse to admit that their child has done wrong. As for the above mother, she explained to her son where he went wrong, how he went wrong and how to fix it. That way, the child will not repeat the same mistake in the future.

To avoid unnecessary trouble situations when going to the market, going to the supermarket, or shopping mall, parents should also teach their children some lessons from an early age:

1. Let children understand the concept of property ownership

Parents should let children understand the concept of property ownership in daily life. Let children gradually become aware of their ownership rights and that things that do not belong to them must be approved by the owner of the item before taking it.

A mother's smart handling when her children eat food in the supermarket - Photo 3.

Often, children behave freely using other people’s things without permission because they feel like it or want to get attention. Parents should find out specific reasons for their child’s “stealing”. If the child lacks love, wants to attract attention, parents should spend more time with the child in the future. If your child only takes it because he likes it too much, you should talk to your child about the limits of his desires.

2. Admit your child’s mistakes

In public places, young children sometimes cause problems for others because of their hyperactivity or ignorance. However, many parents always defend their children, or some are too rigid, thinking that “small steals iron, big steals gold” and immediately angers discipline and scolds. This can lead to a rebellious mentality of a child. Therefore, parents should use a peaceful attitude to explain to their children as well as actively admit their mistakes to everyone.

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