‘Snow White’ actor had a tumor in his chest at the age of 19

Theo People, Rachel Zegler recently revealed an unstable health situation. Through her personal page, the actress shared a picture of herself with a scar – the result of a biopsy procedure to diagnose a breast tumor at the age of 19.

“Two years ago, I discovered a lump in my breast and had the scariest week of my life. During the pandemic, no obstetrician-gynecologist was willing to accept patients, but I was fortunate to have a pediatrician. care, diagnosis and prescription. Fortunately, it’s benign,” she said.

According to the actress West Side Story, The scar serves as a reminder to her to regularly check her breasts to see if a tumor has grown. “My left breast fibroadenoma is a common but still extremely scary disease. If caught early, we can save lives,” added Zegler.

Actress Snow White had a tumor in her chest at the age of 19 - Photo 2.

Rachel Zegler is a promising young actress in Hollywood. Photo: People

Previously, the actress who played Disney’s real-life Snow White shared that she battled many health problems, from mental to physical.

“I suffer from anxiety and depression, sometimes feel lost, detached from reality. Please ask if I am okay,” she once wrote on her personal page.

Rachel Zegler was born in 2001 and has Polish-Colombian blood. Recently, the 1.57 m tall girl was noticed when she transformed into the role of Princess Snow White. Due to her brown skin, different from the character’s original description, she created mixed opinions and many times caused controversy.

Previously, Zegler passed 30,000 applicants to transform into Maria in the remake of the film West Side Story. Impressive performance helped the 20-year-old star win the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

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