SNSD performed on stage after 5 years: Sooyoung flipped her hair “melancholy”, Hyoyeon burst into tears because she could act with her sisters

On the afternoon of August 19, SNSD had their first comeback stage on a music show Music Bank. After 5 years, 8 new members of the national girl group performed together, so the group’s first stage is highly anticipated by Kpop fans. After Music BankSNSD’s next promotional stage on Music Core and especially the SMTOWN concert made fans extremely emotional.

Appearing in a series of costumes with the main white color, 8 members of SNSD are extremely beautiful and fresh, not inferior to junior groups. Notably, even though it’s been 15 years since the debut and the youngest sister is 31 years old, the choreography of the whole group is still very sharp, making viewers admire.

SNSD performed on stage after 5 years: Sooyoung threw her hair

SNSD’s radiant visuals in the ending

The official broadcast of the stage FOREVER 1 of SNSD quickly reached 1.5 million views after only 11 hours of posting. However, many people commented that the angle of the new fancam captured the group’s uniform choreography and the fanchant sounded much more “goosebumps”.

The smooth choreography of 15-year-old girl group SNSD

In addition to the 8-person choreography that made the audience admire, the fans’ attention also hit… member Sooyoung’s hair. On the show Knowing Bros, Sooyoung once shared that she often flips her hair to create a highlight when performing with the group. And the stage Music Bank It’s an opportunity for fans to target the market. Sooyoung’s melancholy hair flicks made viewers unable to take their eyes off, and even went viral on the social network TikTok.

Sooyoung’s magical hair flick

Some netizens’ comments about SNSD’s first FOREVER 1 stage:

-The official recording can’t see all the choreography, check this out.

– Idol for 15 years but the choreography is still burning, really respect.

– Sooyoung flips her hair so enthusiastically, it should be called a roll.

– Somebody save me from Sooyoung’s hair shoves.

– The fanchant is really good, it feels like the peak of the group is back.

– Everyone is over 30, but the dance is still so good, I can see goosebumps.

– It’s been 5 years since they acted together, but the choreography is still real.

On the afternoon of August 20, SNSD continued their promotional journey FOREVER 1 with the stage Music Core equally attractive Music Bank. Here, the group delivered charismatic dance moves and a unique joint ending. Although looking forward to seeing the girls’ individual ending fairy, but with the meaning that all 8 members are as beautiful as fairies, the ending FOREVER 1 cause MXH fever because it is so sad.

Right after the end of the recording for Music Core, SNSD appeared with the full lineup of 8 members in the SMTOWN concert. The moment Hyoyeon burst into tears when SNSD fully gathered at the SM family’s concert went viral on social media with the pity of millions of fans. Finally, after many years of performing alone, Hyoyeon was able to appear on stage with all the SNSD members.

Some netizens’ comments:

– SNSD FOREVER!!! Thank you ladies for your efforts to this day. Really love it so much. Hyo, don’t cry, I’ve been crying for a while now.

– 8 people, 4 companies performing at SM concert. Enough to see how they cherish and protect the name SNSD.

– When Hyoyeon solo stood alone and felt sorry for herself, she was a senior among juniors. Now that I have sisters, I am no longer lonely.

– It is very difficult to wait for the day when 8 members stand together on SM’s concert stage, when 8 people are in 4 companies. Because of protecting the name of SNSD, because of loving SONE, the sisters worked hard to get this comeback.

Source: YouTube; photo: screencap

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