Soc Trang invites a press conference on the case of ‘police beating a teenager’

On the morning of September 30, the Propaganda Department of the Soc Trang Provincial Party Committee issued an urgent dispatch to invite a press conference to inform about the incident that some officers and soldiers of Vinh Chau Town Police had violent acts with 2 young people.

According to the official dispatch, recently in the press, social networks reported and spread clips reflecting some officers and soldiers of the traffic police and traffic police who had inappropriate behavior with 2 young people and teenagers driving motorbikes. Road Traffic Law occurs in Vinh Chau town.

Soc Trang invites a press conference on the case of police beating a teenager - Photo 1.

Two police officers and soldiers beat the boy. (Screenshots)

To provide official information to the press agency, the Soc Trang Provincial Party Committee’s Propaganda Department coordinated with the provincial authorities to hold a press conference at 3pm on September 30.

On the afternoon of September 29, the police of Soc Trang province announced that the clip “police beat a teenager” spread on social networks, causing public outrage.

According to Soc Trang Provincial Police, after discovering the incident, the provincial police leadership directed the suspension of 4 related officers and soldiers in the patrol team to verify, clarify and handle according to regulations.

In the immediate future, the behavior of officers and soldiers in the above patrol team violates the code of conduct according to the Circular No. 27/2017/TT-BCA dated August 22, 2017 of the Minister of Public Security on regulations Code of Conduct of the People’s Police. Provincial police continue to verify and clarify to handle strictly on the viewpoint of not covering up mistakes“, the press release dated September 29 of the Soc Trang Provincial Police stated.

According to a report of the Soc Trang Provincial Police, the incident happened around 3pm on September 25. While performing patrolling and controlling tasks to ensure traffic order and safety on the occasion of Sene DolTa Festival on the South Song Hau National Highway, the patrol team of the Traffic Police Team, the Police Department of Vinh Chau Town (including 5 people), discovered the driver of a 150cm3 Exciter brand motorcycle carrying another person running in the opposite direction, suspected of using alcohol and under age to drive a large displacement vehicle in traffic.

The working group signaled to stop the vehicle to check, but the motorbike driver did not comply. This person increased the gas and ran away at high speed, pinching the patrol car’s car, swerving, swaying on the road nearly 30km, through the routes South Song Hau (Xeo Me) – Le Lai – Trung Nhi – 30/ 4 – District road 43 – South Song Hau (Vinh Hai commune). When arriving in the area of ​​Au Tho B hamlet, Vinh Hai commune, the car stopped.

At this time, some soldiers in the patrol team could not control themselves, so there were violent acts (using hands, feet, plastic sticks to control traffic, helmets hitting 2 young people as shown in the video clip). , then, bring people and vehicles to the town police headquarters.

Through work, the driver admitted violations such as: Not obeying the orders and instructions of the traffic controller; Failure to obey traffic light signals; Driving a vehicle swerving on roads outside urban areas; No certificate of civil liability insurance of motor vehicle owners; Persons under 18 years of age but operating a motorcycle with a cylinder capacity of over 100cm3.

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