‘Solve for Tomorrow’ – the meeting place to open up the ideas of young people

When young people “invite each other” to be creative…

“Choose Solve for Tomorrow because of professional technology creation” is shared by Thu Huong, one of the contestants who registered for this year’s contest and excelled in the top 40 ideas entering the Product Development round. Products. Meanwhile, “to learn with my friends and cultivate creativity” is the first thought that makes Trung Hung, another technology “kindergarten” decide to “enroll” at “Solve for Tomorrow”. Although participating in the contest for different reasons, it cannot be denied that “creativity, creativity and creativity” is the only luggage that each contestant needs to bring to the “common home” “Solve for Tomorrow”, where all creative “team building” invitations can bring interesting and useful innovations to life, even change the future.

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Solve for Tomorrow is a creative journey for each contestant

With the willingness to create more value for life with creative spirit and relentless efforts, the young people of “Solve for Tomorrow” entered the journey of the contest with a spirit of curiosity and passion. passionate about learning new knowledge, eager to acquire valuable practical experiences from previous generations. As a result, many projects and ideas presented by the children have especially attracted those who “hold the balance” of the competition, causing them to hesitate a lot when deciding to choose and give opportunities to teams. worthy contest to enter the next round.

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Every creative project is a premise for the prosperous development of society

Already have “Solve for Tomorrow” backing from A to Z

Giving ownership and absolute respect for the creative spirit of the contestants, but at “Solve for Tomorrow”, there is no such thing as contestants having to “swim” to compete. In other words, with the constant companionship of instructors and technology experts from Samsung, the creative journey of young tech talents has never received such strong support.

“What I like most about the program is the enthusiastic support from teachers and experts, giving us the opportunity to learn not only knowledge but also practical experience from those who have gone before in the field. creative journey”, affirmed Nha Uyen – one of the contestants participating in the contest. At “Solve for Tomorrow 2022″ with a project selected for the Product Development round, Nha Uyen’s team is currently rushing to prepare for the second test run for the group’s product model. “From the idea on paper to the actual model is quite a distance that sometimes the creators themselves cannot foresee. If it weren’t for the companionship of teachers and mentors, our team would probably still be struggling to find the reason why the model could not run,” Nha Uyen revealed.


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Instructors are always an indispensable companion on the way to success

In addition to supporting the contestants throughout their creative journey and implementing their ideas, “Solve for Tomorrow” also provides tutorials and training sessions from online to face-to-face, thereby helping contestants complete ideas at the competition, as well as orient and build a personal development roadmap on the next step. “The content of the curriculum is very diverse, from the basics of STEM to skills. necessary software for the creative process such as teamwork skills, thinking skills, effective presentation skills… These short but useful “courses” not only strengthen the foundation, but also provide in-depth experience for students. To me, these knowledge and experiences are even more important than the program’s award or any other honor,” said Manh Quan, another contestant.

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Samsung’s online training program is the key to solid knowledge for the future

Not only is it a place to receive creative ideas, with the potential of leading technologist Samsung, “Solve for Tomorrow” also offers the opportunity to participate in many useful field trips exclusively for high-achieving teams in Vietnam. the final round, as well as helping the winning teams spread their projects meaningfully in real life. When contestants only need to be creative and the rest is taken care of by the Organizing Committee, the opportunity for the younger generation to confidently own the future has never been so clear.

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