SoundMax introduces AH-335 gaming headset: LED RGB

This sometimes also makes many gamers have to “balance their brains” every time they “pocket their wallets” to enhance the entertainment experience. Fortunately, the market still has a few “delicious and cheap” products that are enough to help gamers save a lot of money but also improve the experience when setting foot in the virtual world.

SoundMax introduces AH-335 gaming headset: RGB LED - photo 1

As for the group of gaming headset accessories, SoundMax from many years ago has won many hearts from gamers. SoundMax’s products are not only competitively priced, but also “delicious”, attractively designed, wearable for a long time, and are becoming more and more trendy when being used from single-color LEDs to even RGB LEDs.

SoundMax AH-335, the latest product of the headphone line for gamers, is of course not an exception when it comes to an extremely attractive price. The new product is also upgraded by the manufacturer to an RGB LED design instead of using only monochromatic LEDs as before.

Compared to other products introduced, the SoundMax AH-335 has a youthful, more modern design with angular lines. The new product is more seamless and also has a lot of “crazy” parts when it comes to large angular size ear buds, thick foam cushions covered with artificial leather. As mentioned, the highlight of SoundMax’s new product is the design of an RGB LED strip running along the outside of the earbud and the logo. Just connect the headset to a computer or laptop via an empty USB port, and immediately all eyes will be on you because the LED design on the outside of the earbud is constantly moving, changing colors very smoothly and eye-catching. SoundMax also equips LED lights on the microphone of this new generation of headphones. However, perhaps because to keep gamers from being distracted by the color-changing RGB LED design, this manufacturer only equips a monochromatic blue-tone LED light on the mic head.

The SoundMax AH-335 is very light in weight compared to its “tank” appearance. Although the product is shaped in the low-cost segment, it still shows the refinement in the design of plastic details with a metallic surface coating. To increase rigidity, SoundMax equips the AH-335 with a metal “bone” detail hidden behind the dome of the headset. The details of the ear cushions, the face cushions in the dome are also very thick, and the artificial leather upholstery promises to bring comfort while also helping to “block” more or less noise from the environment.


SoundMax introduces AH-335 gaming headset: RGB LED - photo 2

The continuous experience with the SoundMax AH-335 is generally quite enjoyable, the product feels very smooth even though the design of the earcups and the dome is not reinforced at all to reduce stress from the headband squeeze. This is also thanks to SoundMax equipping the AH-335 with a 50mm diameter driver, giving the company enough space to design the ear buds as well as take care of the thickness of the ear cushions.

Compared with open-back headphones, SoundMax AH-335 with closed-back headphones, thick ear cushions are of course more effective in removing noise from the lips. surrounding school. The built-in microphone is equally effective at canceling out background noise, ensuring high concentration when communicating between gamers and teammates during intense battles.

With SoundMax AH-335, gamers will not have to worry about orienting enemies thanks to clearly divided audio channels. In the Vietnamese market, the product is being offered for sale at a price of 550,000 VND.


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