SoundMax introduces AH-336 . gaming headset

As a new version of the newly launched gaming headset product line, SoundMax AH-336 also carries an RGB LED design with smooth color transition like its brother SoundMax AH- 335.

SoundMax introduces AH-336 gaming headset - photo 1

With the SoundMax AH-336, the ear tubers are almost completely separated from the dome. The only link that helps keep the main cup and the 2 ear buds is a swivel located along the axis of the dome of the head. This means that the SoundMax AH-336’s earbud can be rotated to a full 90 degrees, making it easier for gamers to store the headset in a backpack/bag. Not only that, the rotating shaft design combined with the semicircular sub-frame “attached” to each earbud also makes the product “softer” by default thanks to the pressure from the dome that has been dispersed, significantly reducing tell the pressure on the listener’s ear.

In terms of design, the SoundMax AH-336 headset does not look much different from a set of headphones, especially when the microphone is tucked away in the earbud. However, once powered up, the RGB LED array is lit and switched colors, the SoundMax AH-336 shows itself as a true gaming headset.

Once immersed in the virtual world, new gamers will really feel the benefits of the SoundMax AH-336’s hanging design. The hanging style of the ear buds combined with the thick foam ear cushions really brings a smooth feeling, wearing for a long time is not tiring. The plastic material plus the nostalgic “bone” dome style also helps the SoundMax AH-336 “lose weight” effectively even though the overall appearance of the product does not look small.


SoundMax introduces AH-336 gaming headset - photo 2

Similar to its brother AH-335, SoundMax AH-336 also has a closed design, (closed-back headphones), helping gamers achieve maximum concentration thanks to the game environment is isolated almost completely from the outside. The SoundMax AH-336 gaming headset model also has the same good orientation as its brother.

In the Vietnamese market, the SoundMax AH-335 is currently being offered for sale at a price of 595,000 VND.


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