SpaceX successfully put 4 space tourists into orbit

The group of four space tourists named Inspiration 4 of SpaceX Corporation includes: Billionaire Jared Isaacman, the sponsor of this flight, and the commander of the Crew Dragon spacecraft. He reserved the remaining 3 seats for Dr. Sian Proctor, a geoscientist; Dr. Hayley Arceneaux, a childhood bone cancer survivor and working at St. Jude; and Chris Sembroski, an Air Force veteran working for Lockheed Martin.

In space, crew members will research science, make art, and sightsee.

The Inspiration 4 crew trained for over 5 months.

“I can’t describe this wonderful opportunity, our team is about to have an experience that only about 600 people have participated before,” billionaire Isaacman said at a press conference on September 14.

Through the flight, billionaire Isaacman aims to raise a total of $ 200 million for St. Jude to study different types of cancer in pediatric patients. He calls for online donations and auctions of items the crew is sending into space. That’s in addition to the $100 million he donated himself.

SpaceX successfully put 4 space tourists into orbit - Photo 1.

The Inspiration4 crew launched into orbit on September 15, 2021. Photo: NASA

After takeoff, the Falcon 9 rocket brought the spacecraft close to orbit, after which the rocket’s appendage separated and fell back to Earth, landing on a drone at sea to fly again on one occasion. is different. Then, the upper part of the rocket gives a final push to the Crew Dragon spacecraft before it plunges away.

Now that they’re in orbit, the team can take off their spacesuits. They were going to have cold pizza for dinner.

While in orbit, at an altitude of 571 km, the crew will enjoy 15 sunrises and sunsets per day.

During this time, the team plans to collect data to study how cosmic light affects the human body. Because they are flying so high, they will be exposed to more radiation than astronauts on the space station, which orbits at an altitude of about 402 km. The data above could provide research and planning information regarding long-term human flight to places like the Moon and Mars.

So the four members of Inspiration 4 will help each other take blood samples, scan their organs with ultrasound equipment, and perform cognitive tests on tablets.

They will also take the time to have fun. Mr. Sembroski brought the ukulele to play. Mr. Proctor brought paints and markers.

The Crew Dragon spacecraft carried NASA astronauts on two return journeys without incident.

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