Spending 1,400 USD to replace new tables and chairs in my child’s classroom

ChinaA father in Jiangxi spent 10,000 yuan (US$1,400) himself to replace the desk and chair in his daughter’s class, due to the limited budget of the school.

“The old desk and chair in the classroom are made of wood, I don’t know how many years have been used. The table is not flat, making it difficult for students to write, the chair has no backrest, making children feel uncomfortable when sitting for a long time. “, a man surnamed Zeng from Jiangxi province, southeast China, explained his recent actions.

Zeng said that he once asked the school to replace the desks and chairs for students, but the administration replied that they could not meet this request due to limited funds. Zeng decided to spend 10,000 yuan (US$1,400) to buy new furniture at a discount and move it to her daughter’s class, replacing the “old and shabby” furniture.

“The next day the students were delighted to see the new furniture. When the teacher announced that this number of tables and chairs was given to me, my daughter was very happy and proud,” added Zeng.

New desks and chairs purchased by Zeng replace old wooden furniture in a classroom in Jiangxi province, China this month.  Photo: SCMP.

New desks and chairs purchased by Zeng replace old wooden furniture in a classroom in Jiangxi province, China this month. Image: SCMP.

Zeng and the school agreed that these new tables and chairs will be used until the children finish primary school. Information about the incident was viewed 100 million times on Weibo and 10 million times on Douyin. However, public opinion in China was mixed about Zeng’s actions.

“This dad loves his daughter’s class so much. I welcome this action. Better to have so many donations,” wrote one Douyin user.

“He means well. I don’t see anything wrong with this act of donation,” another said.

However, many people feel that Zeng’s actions are inappropriate. “Other kids will also ask their parents for donations. So parents have to join this donation race,” one person commented.

“The school should have replaced the old furniture. Where are the educational funds? What this dad did was slap the local education department in the face,” another user wrote.

The school and the local education department have denied negative comments online, saying they welcome acts of goodwill. Zeng’s daughter’s class teacher said all the students were very happy and parents were grateful for Zeng’s actions.

After the online controversy, Zeng said he did not intend to make his daughter feel superior to her classmates and other parents who support him.

“I just want to do something for the sake of my kids and classmates. I don’t think about other things,” Zeng said. “I’m not super rich as some internet users say. That’s the money I save from my monthly salary.”

Huyen Le (Theo SCMP)

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