Stars who refuse to ‘label’ their gender

Harry Styles

The stars refuse to label themselves gender - Photo 1.

Harry Styles was seen as an icon for not labeling himself as soon as his solo career began. However, the gender of the owner of the hit Watermelon Sugar is often the subject of audience discussion due to his colorful style of dress. Even, the male singer often wears skirts and often hangs flags to support the LGBT community in his shows.

The male singer often expressed his frustration with “outdated expectations” that he would come out. He also explained why he wanted to keep his private life as private as possible.

“Actually, I’m very open with friends, but that’s my own story,” the former One Direction member shared, “What we should be aiming for, is accepting people, becoming more open. . This doesn’t mean you need to label everything and confirm who you are and what gender you’re interested in.”

Earlier, in an interview with Guardian in 2019, the male singer also made his point clear, “It’s not that I’m asserting something and defending it in any way, this is not the case. Am I trying to spread ideas about this gender to be more interesting? Not at all. In fact, I don’t think too much about gender issues.”

Lily-Rose Depp

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After Lily-Rose Depp posed for the Natural Truth project, a project “that exists to spread awareness and understanding of sexuality at large”, she expressed her displeasure at the reaction. of the public when it was misunderstood that she was coming out as gay.

“A lot of people think it’s my move to say I’m gay, but it’s not really what I’m trying to do. I’m really just saying that you don’t need to label yourself,” said daughter. Johnny Depp shared in an interview with Nylon.

“You don’t have to label yourself because it’s not fixed. Gender can be fluid and it’s overwhelming to force children to be gender-labeled. To me, it’s unnecessary to talk about gender.” , the actress continued, “It has nothing to do with anyone because I’ll still date whoever I like.”

Ariana Grande

Stars who refuse to label themselves as gender - Photo 3.

Ariana Grande is also often known for her glorification of the LGBTQ+ community and this has also sparked speculation regarding her gender, especially when she released her single. Monopoly in 2019, speculations are pushed to the peak. This is because in the song there is a clear line: “I like both women and men”.

When asked about these things, Ariana Grande replied, “I’ve never talked about this and I still don’t feel the need to talk about it. Everything is normal and it’s okay.”

Joshua Bassett

The stars refuse to label themselves as gender - Photo 4.

Joshua Bassett once surprised fans by claiming he was attracted to male singer Harry Styles. However, in an interview with GQ, the actor still insisted that he did not want to draw any conclusions about his gender.

“There are so many letters in the alphabet. Sometimes you change, you want to try different. Sometimes you realize you’re not what you think you are. Anything is possible,” the star said. High School Musical To share.

“I’m happy to be part of the LGBTQ+ community because they accept it all,” he continued, “Don’t let anyone tell you that your love isn’t love. They’re probably the ones who need it most. there”.

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