Startup Wheel 2022 enters the most exciting stage

Startup Wheel 2022 enters the most exciting phase - Photo 1.

Representatives of the Organizing Committee of Startup Wheel 2022 took pictures with the main companions of this year’s program – Photo: C. NHAT

“So excited and nervous!”

That is the common feeling of most domestic and international startups when participating in the event. Thanat Lapthawan – one of the founders of startup Vulcan Coalition (Thailand) – said this is the second time coming to Vietnam and the feeling is of course very different.

“This time, I not only learn about culture and people, but also want to compete, find opportunities for my products to conquer neighboring countries. We are excited but also quite nervous because the event attracts many people. good startups participated. If there was one word to describe the event, it would be impossible to find anything to criticize!” – Thanat Lapthawan said.

Startup Wheel 2022 enters the most exciting phase - Photo 2.

An international startup is presenting ideas in the top 50 round taking place on the morning of August 25 – Photo: C. NHAT

Similarly, Mr. Francis Lui (founder of startup NexMind), a startup face from Malaysia, shared that he and his associates really want to conquer the Vietnamese market because this is a country with great potential and speed. good economic development.

Although his startup has raised $500,000 and has some investment opportunities, NexMind still wants to join Startup Wheel 2022 to rub and learn more. Talking about the program, he said: “Very meaningful and very wonderful!”.

As one of the startups with the “youngest” average age to enter the top 50 of the Startup Wheel 2022 contest, members of Chars (the project to apply AR technology to simulate chemical experiments in education) share: Most of the members are students in the coastal city of Vung Tau.

Sharing the same passion for science, they said they had participated in many science competitions, but Startup Wheel was the biggest contest ever. You guys are very pressured but also very happy to receive more positive energy from the program.

Every startup needs a “tipping point”

Sharing about the spirit of this year’s contest, Ms. Nguyen Thi Dieu Hang – director of Ho Chi Minh City Youth Startup Support Center (BSSC) – said the reason why the organizers chose “The tipping point”. The tipping point) was inspired by reading the famous book of the same name by author Malcolm Gladwell.

“The moment when an idea, a trend, a social behavior crosses a certain threshold, it spreads like a “wild flame”.

From the network, the existing relationships… we hope to create opportunities and converge the key factors to partly help startups find this important “tipping point” and from there reach out and become strong, flying higher and farther”, Ms. Dieu Hang explained about the “tipping point”.

Startup Wheel 2022 enters the most exciting phase - Photo 3.

This year’s event is expected to attract 15,000 visitors – Photo: C. NHAT

The organizers said that after 9 years of organization, the Startup Wheel startup contest has attracted the participation of more than 20,000 projects from 37 countries around the world.

For this year’s contest alone, the number of startups submitting applications to the program is 2,000 from 33 countries with diverse fields (artificial intelligence, big data, educational technology, agricultural technology …) .

One of the highlights of the Startup Wheel competition in general and Vietnam Startup Day is to create an effective startup ecosystem where startups have the opportunity to exchange and learn with other entrepreneurs and experts. industries and investment funds at home and abroad.

This year’s event is organized by BSSC and Ho Chi Minh City Young Entrepreneurs Association, IBP, sponsored by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology and Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Youth Union.

During the two days of August 25 and 26, the series of events includes main activities such as: the presentation of the top 50 (both domestic and international tables), the final of the domestic and international tables, the signing ceremony of combat cooperation. strategy between BSSC and its partners…

The final round and awards for startups in both domestic and international groups will take place on the evening of August 28.

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