Stay optimistic in the midst of the pandemic

Live optimistic in the middle of the epidemic season - Photo 1.

Think positively, live optimistically to hope for good things to come – Photo: TRUTH

On a two-week business trip to Phu Quoc in early July, my sister decided to take the whole family there for a vacation. Unexpectedly, a week later, the epidemic broke out in many places. The airport closed, flights halted, the whole family cried and laughed because of that indefinite vacation.

From where everyone is enjoying and excited about the blue sea, white sand, and sunshine, now worries are piled up. Because the food and clothing of the days apart is not simply spending money to finish the job.

The whole family began to face many inconveniences in a limited space of the hotel, the amount of money they brought was dwindling. It is also a worry about the disease and the health of the family when hearing that the neighbors at home have been vaccinated.

Adapt with new circumstances

During the stuck days in Phu Quoc, my sister’s whole family worked in the garden and played in a small house near the sea. After the initial disturbance, the whole family sat down to find a positive direction to adapt to a new life.

They checked out of the hotel and then looked to rent a small house near the sea to facilitate the family’s activities and reduce costs. They asked a partner on the island to help buy 2 laptops so that they could work remotely.

Being close to the sea, every day there is fresh seafood caught by the fishermen every morning. Vegetables are always available in a small market about 500m away.

She said that comfort is not equal to being at home, but these will be unforgettable days in life, when the whole family can have a long time to bond, share and sympathize with each other. It is important that each person learns to live optimistically, adapting to the current situation.

As for my uncle who has to live alone, he told me about the days of separation, although everyone’s house was in each other’s house, but through the chat group of the neighborhood group, he still felt warm with the love of the village. Knowing that his aunt died, he lived alone, so people seemed to care more.

When the fish and vegetables of a certain woman knew that he was alone, he hung it in front of the door and then texted to let him know so that he could pick it up. There was also a day when there were gifts from the local government, benefactors were respectfully brought home, they must have known that he was too old to travel.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard him talk about how he used a rice cooker to cook all kinds of dishes for a few weeks now because the induction cooker was broken.

He also said: “Look, the rice cooker can do a lot of things, from cooking rice, soup, and porridge to stocking fish, ram meat, and boiling vegetables. It’s almost like when the epidemic is over, you don’t need to buy the electric stove again. From making money to spending money, it’s fine to use the rice cooker.”

Listening to his voice talking on the phone in an optimistic and humorous way between the days of separation, I suddenly felt happier and more secure.

Optimistic, positive thinking

The days of separation put us in front of many sudden changes. But it is also an opportunity for yourself to learn how to adapt, change and be satisfied with what you have. In other words, this is a difficult period, but in which each person can accumulate courage and optimism for themselves, and at the same time spread positive energy to loved ones.

From a different perspective, the COVID-19 epidemic not only brings health insecurity and disruption to our lives, but also an opportunity for all of us to look back on what really matters. Not only has to learn how to get used to a new normal life, but it is also an opportunity for everyone to learn to live optimistically and positively in the face of countless difficulties and uncertainties.

If you can still stay at home, don’t have to go to work during the days of separation, you can still take care of food, clothing and all expenses for the family… then you are really happy, because there is still a lot. People who are in need still have to go up and down to earn a living these days.

If you have been fully vaccinated and the whole family is safe, no one has F0, then your family is really happy. Because thousands of families are suffering the loss of loved ones during this outbreak.

The days of separation are not in vain because it helps each person realize that home is a place to live, a loving home, not simply a shelter. It is also a time to help revive the survival instinct in each person, to have to walk on their own two feet.

In any situation, you should try to keep yourself a positive energy source. Don’t let the uncertainties and worries in your mind become a burden for yourself and those around you.

Good days help us to better understand the value of happiness; Difficult days teach us to adapt to what we have and it is these days of separation that teach us to always be optimistic.

How to live is everyone’s choice

How to live the days apart is the choice of each person. It can be long days of boredom and boredom, but it can also be a precious time for us to slow down, think differently and love more.

There have been many epidemics in human history and people have overcome it in one way or another. Therefore, the attitude we need right now is to always think positively, live optimistically, and hope for the good things that are coming our way.


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