Student’s hair cut, school sued for 1 million USD

AmericaJimmy Hoffmeyer filed a lawsuit against Mount Pleasant School for racial discrimination for cutting his 7-year-old daughter Jurnee’s hair without her family’s permission.

The lawsuit against Mount Pleasant Public School was filed by Jimmy Hoffmeyer in federal court on September 14 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

In the lawsuit, Jimmy accuses Mount Pleasant School of infringing on constitutional rights, racism, ethnic intimidation, and intentional physical and mental harm to his 7-year-old daughter, Jurnee, who has two half-bloods. colored skin, half white. Jimmy asked the school to pay $1 million for these damages.

Jurnee’s incident happened in March, when she came home with one side of her hair messy and told her parents that a classmate had cut her hair. Jimmy and his wife complained to the school and took their children to the hairdresser to fix it.

Baby Jurnee Hoffmeyer with messy hair cut at school in March. Photo: AP.

Baby Jurnee Hoffmeyer with messy hair cut at school in March. Photo: AP.

Two days after the family complained to the school about Jurnee’s story, the girl returned home crying again, telling her that her hair was cut by a white librarian at the school.

“I asked her what happened and reassured her, ‘I don’t think any of my classmates will dare to cut my hair anymore’. But she burst into tears and said that the teacher had cut Jurnee’s hair to balance the sides.” , Jimmy recounted.

Jurnee’s family accused the school of “failing to properly train, supervise and discipline its staff”.

In July, the school’s internal investigation opened and found that the librarian’s act of cutting a girl’s hair was “non-racist”, but warned that the librarian would be fired if he did it again. Two other school staff members who knew about Jurnee’s incident but did not report it were also reprimanded in writing.

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