Stunned with the image of the Chinese U15 player chasing the referee

This scandal happened at the recent Zhejiang Provincial Sports Festival, China. In the U15 football final on September 27, the young players on Kim Hoa’s side suddenly chased the referee after the final whistle sounded.

Kim Hoa U15 players were upset because they thought the referee forced them to lose. After chasing the referee, Kim Hoa U15 players stayed on the field to kneel to apologize. However, their actions still shocked Chinese fans.

The person who posted the video, Yang Tianying wrote: “Chinese football has gradually fallen to the bottom in recent years, its form and reputation have been declining, but Chinese football is not a trash can that no one pays attention to.” .

“On the contrary, football is still the most important event in Chinese sports and needs to be revived. This under-15 scandal continues to expose the problems of Chinese youth football to fans.”

“I know everyone has their own opinion and perspective, but worms like this have destroyed Chinese football. Now, Chinese football needs to be thoroughly purified and reformed if it wants to develop again.”

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