Suddenly won 17 billion dong, the man hid it and rushed to give all the money to strangers around for a unique reason

In the program My Big Story broadcast on September 10, Mr. Peter Charleton (47 years old) from Victoria (Australia) told his story of winning a special lottery that made viewers admire and admire.

On tIn August 2020, the man won the amount of 1 million AUD (nearly 17 billion VND). He recounted that on that day, he had left on the roof of the car a small knife – a souvenir of his uncle who had died two weeks earlier. After a long drive home, the knife was still in its original position, not dropped on the road.

Thinking it was a good omen, Peter went to buy 3 lottery tickets. A few days later, he was surprised to learn that one of the three tickets had won the jackpot. The Australian man was so surprised that he had to delete the phone app and download it again to be sure he had won the lottery.

Suddenly won 17 billion dong, the man hid it and rushed to give all the money to strangers around for a unique reason - Photo 1.

Peter Charleton – jackpot winner gave away most of his prize

Although delighted at the money “falling from the sky”, Peter Charleton chose to spend the bonus like no other. Except for his wife and children, he did not tell anyone about winning the lottery. Instead, Peter quickly went to the transfer to have friends and relatives in need of help in their surprise.

“I message people on Facebook saying, ‘Give me your account number, I want to transfer you some money.’ I made it my mission to split all the money before people knew I was. just won the lottery”, the man shared.

After that, he went to cafes, supermarkets, and restaurants near his house and offered to pay for customers he happened to meet. Peter reached out to local needy cases and generously donated money to everyone. After only 2 weeks, he spent all of his nearly 17 billion dong he just won the lottery and only bought an old car for himself, the rest was given to others.

Explaining his special action, he shared: “I felt uncomfortable keeping my money to myself. So I gave it all away. I am extremely happy to do good work and help people who are in a more difficult situation than I am. If I can help, I am very happy. community, I think it would be crazy if I didn’t.”

Suddenly won 17 billion dong, the man hid it and hurriedly brought all the money to give to strangers around for a unique reason - Photo 2.

Although not rich in material things, the man is praised as “rich in heart” that everyone admires.

It is known that Peter’s family situation is not well-off, but he simply wants to share and wants his life to be as normal as before. Before that, Mr. Peter was also known as a person participate in many local community support activities. His act of generosity was praised by everyone, including his family, and Peter was pleased with his decision.

Source: Daily Mail

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