Surprise after quarantine day…

Surprise after quarantine day... - Photo 1.

Young people in Nghia Thuan commune, Tu Nghia district use water to harvest rice to help people – Photo: TRAN MAI

The field of An Trang village (Nghia Thang commune, Tu Nghia district, Quang Ngai) is in the ripe rice season but is quite empty due to COVID-19.

Those in mandatory quarantine have left the house, the door is not locked in time, the fields, cows and chickens do not care. Mai Thi Nhan (Nghia Thang commune) shared, her whole family has been isolated for 12 days.

When her son contracted COVID-19, Mrs. Nhan was about to reap 4 poles of rice, but she completely forgot, all turned to her son, and the 80-year-old old mother was F1 like me. “A whole week later, when I heard that the baby was in good health, I remembered that the rice had not yet been harvested, the 3 cows were about to give birth and the chickens did not know what to do,” Ms. Nhan confided.

Mrs. Nhan called to her neighbors, only then did the youth union in Nghia Thang commune support her in harvesting rice and raking straw.

On the days when she was not at home, the union members took turns cutting grass to feed the cows and taking care of the chickens and ducks. After listening to Mrs. Nhan breathed a sigh of relief, worry was no longer present in the corner of her mind.

The disease spread to many residential areas. Although Mr. Truong Huynh Xuan Lam’s family (Nghia Thuan commune, Tu Nghia district) is in the F2 category, isolated at home, he could not go to the field to harvest an acre of ripe rice. It was not until Mr. Lam saw that the rice was transported home by the members of Nghia Thuan commune.

None of the people’s rice fields were left behind. Young people take turns reaping to help the people. They are still persistent, every day taking their youth to carry the work. Men reap and carry rice, women dry and pack bags. Mr. Lam said that he and his relatives who are in isolation do not know how many times to thank him enough.

When the epidemic broke out, Huynh Nguyen Minh Huy, a second-year student at a university, returned to his hometown in Nghia Thang commune for many months and could not return to school. And when the epidemic “visited the village”, Huy volunteered to help harvest rice, take care of cows and pigs for families in concentrated isolation.

Sweating profusely after carrying rice from the field to the main road, Huy said that the people in the commune as well as his family members. Love of the village, right now, people need support.

“One hand each, together we can overcome difficulties. In the countryside is different from the city, going to quarantine, there are still mountains of work at home. But all the work must be done every day, can’t be late. I think brothers and sisters. After recovering from the disease, returning home from isolation to see fat cows, chickens, and dry rice in the house is very happy,” Huy shared.

Mr. Do Quang Kha, secretary of Nghia Thang Commune Union, in the past few days, he was also “holding his breath” because of too many things, both coordinating the brothers to divide into clusters to support different residential areas, and directly racing with the times. rice harvest time for people.

Despite our best efforts, there are still many unfinished fields. Then storm No. 5 caused heavy rain, Mr. Kha said, “I’m very worried, if this rain lasts, I have to mobilize my brothers to wade through the water to reap. If the rain stops, then take advantage of the harvest to reap no rice in the dream. river,” said Mr. Kha.

Le Hoang Thien, deputy secretary of Nghia Thuan Commune Union, understands that even if people complete concentrated isolation and return home, they must continue to isolate at home. But the rice is ripening can not be left in the field any more.

Thien Tinh will beg the reaper owner to take advantage of the rain to reap before the fields have not been flooded, bring them to the temporary hong commune, wait for the sun to dry. When the water recedes, it will quickly reap the remaining areas.

Nghia Thuan and Nghia Thang communes are just representatives of many meaningful jobs of youth in rural villages. Cao Le Tung Nghia, Secretary of the Quang Ngai Provincial Youth Union, said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, about 2,200 youth union members have spread to 163 communes and wards throughout the province to help people.

During this time, the union members in the countryside suffered the most when they continuously went to the fields, then helped with the housework while the homeowner was being treated for illness and isolated.

“The brothers are very united and persistent in helping the people. Seeing that the local brothers and sisters are working hard while still being young and cheerful, I thank the grassroots youth for their best efforts,” Mr. Nghia said.

Trust your nearest neighbor Trust your nearest neighbor

TTO – Grandparents have a saying ‘sell distant relatives and buy close neighbors’, right in the middle of the epidemic center, during the past 4 months, this is truer than ever. The house is isolated, but inside the closed houses, people have many ways to support each other.


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