Surprised with 0 VND accommodation

Surprised with 0 VND accommodation - Photo 1.

Sampling team arrives at the hostel – Photo: CK

More than 120 people have been connected to accommodation by the inn’s ATM for 0 dong. “I was thinking that I was going to have to go to the street to wander somewhere but there was no way to go back to my hometown, I was helped by “ATM community room” for a place to stay for 0 dong. There are many situations like me here. Just fine. Living for free and being supported with essentials” – Nguyen Thanh Men (from Can Tho) shared.

job loss, lose a place to stay

Men just graduated from a college in Can Tho and immediately went to Ho Chi Minh City to apply for a job at a company in the wood industry. Less than the end of the first month of work, the company paid more than 1 million dong for probation and closed due to the epidemic.

The money he brought with him in his pocket also dwindled, thinking about going back to his hometown, but because “anyone stays where he is”, Men don’t know how to turn around. At that time, you found information about a 0-dong motel project.

“I called to register to need support and was verified by volunteers. After the test was negative, the innkeeper let me in. When I received the news that I had a free place to stay while I was not. When I know where to go, I’m happy and cry well,” – Men confided.

There are two brothers in the family, Men’s brother left school early and got married, his parents worked as hired labor, trying to send Men to school.

“I love my parents in the countryside. It’s hard for them. This epidemic also has no one to hire me, so I don’t dare to ask for anything from my family. Right now I have a place to live, a few necessities have been donated, the bag has not arrived yet. 100,000 VND. Just hope the epidemic will pass quickly and find a new job” – Men shared.

In the same situation as Men, there are quite a few young people who are workers, self-employed, have no money to rent inns, no money to buy food. Worrying around, the inn ATM is like a lifeline, connecting them with the inn owners.

Surprised with 0 VND accommodation - Photo 2.

One of the young people was connected by the program to live in a newly built 0 neighborhood – Photo: CK

Midnight carrying people back to the inn

Received a phone call at 10 pm, Mr. Le Thanh Tuan, project manager of “ATM community accommodation”, immediately went to the overpass of Ho Chi Minh City Cancer Hospital. There, the three of them wore raincoats because there was no place to stay. They are patients being treated at the Oncology Hospital, but it takes 2 more weeks to get to the schedule of drug treatment and re-examination.

“We drove the aunt and uncle to Thu Duc, to the hostel of a kind owner who let us stay for free. We also gave some food, rice and vegetables to the three aunts and uncles,” said Mr. Tuan.

Mr. Dang Vang Sang lost his job, ran out of rent, and was introduced to a place to stay by the hostel’s ATM in District 12 – the hostel was just built and the innkeeper supported the program for the needy to stay for free. These days, the whole 19-person hostel is running out of food, food…

“It’s precious to have free accommodation these days. I hope every day for the pandemic to pass, I will go back to looking for a job” – Mr. Sang expressed.

Using the house rented for sale, Uncle Ut (from Binh Dinh) supported the program “ATM for community accommodation”.

“That house I rented mainly used the ground floor for trading. Now closed for that, there are some rooms on the 2 floors, so I let people in difficult circumstances stay temporarily. I hope the epidemic will be over for real. quickly” – Uncle Ut said.

“Community Room ATM” was started by the Youth Social Work Center from August 16, 2021.

The program wishes to share people’s burden of worries and at the same time become a place to connect people’s need to find accommodation to community accommodation addresses during this difficult time.

Those who need help call 0866111616; People who support free accommodation call 0828116668.

‘Wedding car’ 0 bon dong to deliver goods to the people of the city

TTO – ‘Seeing a beautiful red car means that charity and relief goods are about to be distributed. Our people are very happy, can save a day,” said a resident living on Nguyen Van Dau Street, Binh Thanh District (HCMC).


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