Suspecting her husband to have an affair with her neighbor, his wife cruelly left behind a haunting scene

Recently, Indian media reported, a woman in Madhya Pradesh was accused of pushing her neighbor and her two children down a well during a horrific jealous attack.

Accordingly, the incident happened at about 6 pm on September 6 in Betul village. Police said the victim, Rita, was on her way home with her children when she met a neighbor named Pinky. The two women got into a heated argument when Ms. Pinky accused Ms. Rita of having an affair with her husband. Although Ms. Rita repeatedly denied it, she could not convince the other party to give up.

In an uncontrollable rage, Pinky pushed Rita and her daughter into a nearby deep well. Because she was too scared, her son Rita tried to run away, but Pinky quickly caught the boy and coldly threw the victim into the well with the thought that weed must be eradicated.

Suspecting her husband to have an affair with her neighbor, his wife cruelly left a haunting scene - Photo 1.

Ms. Rita tried to cling to some tree roots inside the well but Pinky threw rocks into the well, causing the victims to lose their ability to save their own lives. At that time, Rita’s uncle and other relatives heard the cry for help and rushed to the scene. However, they were only able to save Rita and the two children drowned.

The scene was extremely haunting when two children had to die suddenly. Looking at the frozen bodies of her children, Ms. Rita and her loved ones could not hold back their tears. At the police station, Rita said she was suspected by Pinky of seducing this woman’s husband. However, Rita insists she does not have any relationship with Pinky’s husband.

Meanwhile, Pinky did not give any clear evidence of her husband and her neighbor’s relationship. The perpetrator was arrested not long after and charged with killing the two children. Just because of blind jealousy, the woman took the lives of two innocent children and had to go to jail herself.

Many internet users think that this is an expensive lesson for jealous people who can’t distinguish right from wrong, right from wrong. In any case, blindly committing a crime exposes oneself to appropriate punishment.

Source: NDTV

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