Southeast Asia’s Digital Economy Is Slowing

Southeast Asia's Digital Economy Is Slowing

Growth in Southeast Asia’s internet economy is slowing after years of expansion, as consumers restrain spending. China unveils ambitious plan to develop digital economy China strives to promote a $3.8 trillion digital economy Singapore pledges to reduce cash to digital …

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5 best friends groups gather Asia’s hottest stars

5 best friends groups gather Asia's hottest stars

The Asian entertainment industry has many close friends that make the public admire because of the gathering of famous and talented stars. However, behind that flashy look, many powerful close friends have secrets that stir public opinion. In particular, the …

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Hanoi: Asia’s leading city destination for short-term travel

Hanoi: Asia's leading city destination for short-term travel

This year’s award ceremony is associated with the International Tourism Fair of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City (ITE HCMC 2022). This year’s awards are divided into aviation, destinations, amusement parks, cars, yachts, railways, hotels & resorts, conference …

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Hanoi is Asia’s leading city tourist destination

Hanoi is Asia's leading city tourist destination

The Asia and Oceania region of the World Travel Awards 2022 (World Travel Awards) has just been held in Ho Chi Minh City, in association with the Ho Chi Minh City International Tourism Fair (ITE HCMC 2022). This year, the …

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