Scenario Russia responds to Ukraine’s counter-offensive campaign

Scenario Russia responds to Ukraine's counter-offensive campaign

After Ukraine’s counterattack in Kharkov, Russia can either mobilize forces to respond, or increase missile attacks and apply diplomatic pressure. Ukraine claims to have recaptured more than 6,000 square kilometers of territory from Russia with its swift counter-offensive. Surprisingly, the …

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The future of Ukraine’s counter-offensive campaign

The future of Ukraine's counter-offensive campaign

After a quick counterattack, Ukraine can prioritize strengthening the defenses of Kharkov, or take great risks to move deeper into the Donbass. Ukraine’s Border Guard Service announced on September 13 that its troops had recaptured the town of Vovchansk near …

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Russians argue about Ukraine’s counter-offensive campaign

Russians argue about Ukraine's counter-offensive campaign

The momentum of Ukraine’s counter-attack has some Russians bewildered about the military campaign in the country, while others have called for the Kremlin to be more aggressive. Officials and commentators on Russian television for months have described the “special military …

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Ukraine says southern campaign to ‘fool’ Russia

Ukraine says southern campaign to 'fool' Russia

Ukraine says the counterattack in the south is widely publicized to distract Russia from its offensive in the northeastern province of Kharkov. “It’s a special, large-scale disinformation campaign,” Taras Berezovets, press officer for the Bohun brigade, part of the Ukrainian …

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