Korea voiced reassurance about China’s concerns

Korea voiced reassurance about China's concerns

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol speaks at a press conference held on Air Force One on July 1 – Photo: YONHAP Theo Korean Daily (The Korea Times), this is seen as a response to China’s position that South Korea’s …

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Vietnam opposes China’s military drills in the Paracels

Vietnam opposes China's military drills in the Paracels

China’s military exercises in the Paracels violate Vietnam’s sovereignty and complicate the situation in the East Sea, according to a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “China’s military drills in the Paracel Islands area seriously violate Vietnam’s sovereignty over …

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China’s anti-corruption ‘friendly’

China's anti-corruption 'friendly'

Chinese President Xi Jinping meets with delegates to the National Conference on Resolving People’s Complaints in Beijing, China on May 25, 2022 – Photo: Xinhua On June 19, Xinhua news agency reported that the Communist Party of China (CPC) had …

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