Mr. Jiang Zemin – the man who promoted China’s economic boom

Mr. Jiang Zemin - the man who promoted China's economic boom

During Jiang Zemin’s tenure, China achieved a major economic breakthrough, improved relations with the United States, and entered the world political arena. Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin died today in his hometown of Shanghai, aged 96. Follow Xinhuahe suffered from …

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Xi strives to raise China’s foreign position

Xi strives to raise China's foreign position

After more than two years of restricting foreign activities, Xi has stepped up diplomatic efforts to elevate China’s position on the world stage. For more than two years, China has adopted a strict “No Covid” strategy to control the pandemic, …

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China’s auto imports increase sharply

China's auto imports increase sharply

The markets for importing CBU cars from Vietnam in September were Indonesia (9,314 units), Thailand (7,102 units), and China (1,347 units). The number of CBU cars imported from these three markets accounts for 97% of the total imports. China’s auto …

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Major infrastructure projects boost China’s economy

Major infrastructure projects boost China's economy

Despite the difficulties caused by Covid-19, China’s infrastructure investment in the first nine months of this year continued to grow rapidly, 8.6% higher than the same period last year. Most of these mega-projects focus on the fields of transport, irrigation, …

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China’s ‘mixed water and fish’ plan

China's 'mixed water and fish' plan

Mr. Xi Jinping (left) and No. 2 of the Politburo Standing Committee Li Qiang during a press conference on October 23 – Photo: Reuters In his opening speech to the 20th National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping added the concept …

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