Pipeline leak exposes Europe’s weakness

Pipeline leak exposes Europe's weakness

Three consecutive leaks at two Nord Stream gas pipelines from Russia to Germany show how vulnerable Europe’s energy infrastructure is. Nord Stream AG, the operator of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, on September 26 discovered a sudden pressure drop, …

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Risks with measures to prevent Europe’s energy crisis

Risks with measures to prevent Europe's energy crisis

The imposition of a gas price ceiling and increased subsidies could lead to more consumption by Europeans and businesses, exacerbating the crisis. A series of European governments are increasing subsidies to protect households from the energy price crisis caused by …

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Europe’s economic lifeline faces the risk of power cuts

Europe's economic lifeline faces the risk of power cuts

European banks, the lifeblood of the region’s economy, have generators ready, reducing the use of lights before the risk of power outages in the winter. In the context of Russia tightening gas supplies to Europe, major banks in the continent …

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Factors that can determine Europe’s gas problem

Factors that can determine Europe's gas problem

Europe races to save energy as Russian gas supplies are cut off, but the factor that could determine their future is winter weather. A long and harsh winter will increase heating demand and could leave European countries with severe gas …

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Europe’s choice when Russia cuts gas

Europe's choice when Russia cuts gas

Europe can share energy with each other, combine racing to find supplies from outside and increase electricity production when Russia cuts off gas. Russian energy group Gazprom announced on September 2 that it will continue to close the Nord Stream …

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China benefits from Europe’s thirst for gas

China benefits from Europe's thirst for gas

JOVO, one of China’s leading energy groups, recently announced it has sold a batch of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to a customer in Europe. A trader in Shanghai said profits from this deal could reach tens of millions, even $100 …

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EU says Russia bets on Europe’s division

EU says Russia bets on Europe's division

The top EU official says Russia is betting that the bloc’s united response to the Ukraine war will fall apart as prices escalate. European Union (EU) foreign policy senior official Josep Borrell said on August 23 that Russian President Vladimir …

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