Why are there ‘Rambutan’ hair babies?

Why are there 'Rambutan' hair babies?

An American baby with UHS syndrome – Photo: Katelyn Sampling Uncombined hair syndrome (UHS) is a rare abnormality of the hair structure with varying degrees of involvement, usually evident in children 3-12 years of age. Babies will have dry, curly, …

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‘Hair loss season’ how to avoid hair loss

'Hair loss season' how to avoid hair loss

From time immemorial, folk have spread the saying “hair loss in cold season, baldness in Tet season”. When autumn and winter comes, when the trees begin to change color and lose their leaves, many people notice that their hair falls …

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Growing clean vegetables from… human hair

Growing clean vegetables from... human hair

1 gram of hair can “feed” 3 medium-sized trees capable of growth – Photo: Science Our hair contains a large amount of a protein called keratin, which is made up of amino acids. These acids themselves promote plant growth. In …

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