Desperate in Cambodia’s ‘casino hell’

Desperate in Cambodia's 'casino hell'

When the fateful bus arrived, Quach Anh and a friend in Guizhou, China, hesitantly stepped on, not knowing that they were about to enter the “hell on earth” in Cambodia. Guo Ying, 16 years old, from the poor province of …

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Run to eat every meal in ‘hell on earth’

Run to eat every meal in 'hell on earth'

NigeriaBehind the glamor of Lagos, an army finds every way to make a living with “starving” income, as prices climb because of the Ukraine crisis. At midnight, luxury cars flocked to Cocoon, the famous nightclub in Lagos, the largest and …

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Why Europe’s forests have turned into ‘hell’

Why Europe's forests have turned into 'hell'

The heat causes drought and high temperatures, and the high density of combustible materials has caused many European forests to burn continuously during the recent heat wave. The recent heat wave caused serious forest fires, covering hundreds of thousands of …

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Europe suffers from ‘like hell’ heat

Europe suffers from 'like hell' heat

France is also facing a heat wave peaking from the Mediterranean to Brittany in the northwest. 15 areas are being put on the highest alert because of the high temperatures. Temperatures in western France are expected to be between 38 …

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