Intel’s Bitcoin Mining Chip Challenges Chinese Rivals

Intel's Bitcoin Mining Chip Challenges Chinese Rivals

Intel recently announced the first-generation BonanzaMine chip and cryptocurrency mining initiative, dramatically increasing competition in the lucrative business. Nvidia ‘double saw’ the speed of mining virtual money on RTX 3060 The net shop turned into a ‘farm’ to mine virtual …

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Revealing Intel’s cheap Pentium G7400 CPU power

Revealing Intel's cheap Pentium G7400 CPU power

Test results for the low-cost Alder Laker processor Intel is about to launch, the Pentium G700, have appeared on the web with a lot of expectations. Unveiling the new RAMP technology on AMD processors MSI introduces the first motherboard to …

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Revealed gaming laptop with Intel’s first discrete GPU

Revealed gaming laptop with Intel's first discrete GPU

Images of what is believed to be the first gaming laptop with Intel’s next-generation discrete graphics card codenamed Arc Alchemist have appeared. Acer announces 165 Hz refresh rate 4K gaming monitor Acer officially introduced the Predator Triton 500 SE gaming …

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Leaked images of Intel’s flagship GPU

Leaked images of Intel's flagship GPU

According to Neowin, the images posted by YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead show that these graphics cards are reference cards or pre-production units of Arc Alchemist. Even so, it remains unclear whether they will be the same as the final …

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