US, South Korea condemn North Korea’s new nuclear law

US, South Korea condemn North Korea's new nuclear law

American and Korean flags fly side by side in Yongin city, South Korea – Photo: REUTERS The joint statement after the vice-ministerial meeting of the Extended Deterrence Strategy and Consultative Group (EDSCG) in the United States on September 16 reiterated …

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The door to North Korea’s denuclearization is closed

The door to North Korea's denuclearization is closed

Kim Jong Un appeared next to ICBM Hwasong-17 missile in March 2022 – Photo: KCNA The new law also stipulates the mission of the nuclear force and the conditions for using nuclear weapons, significantly affecting the situation on the Korean …

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Korea’s capital in historic floods

Korea's capital in historic floods

Heavy rain last night fell on the South Korean capital Seoul and the surrounding area, making many vehicles unable to move because of the high flood water on the streets. Officials said today that rainfall in the Dongjak district in …

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