Discovered ‘Earth’ 100 light years from us

Discovered 'Earth' 100 light years from us

TOI-1452 b is slightly larger in size and mass than Earth and the special thing about this exoplanet is that it is completely covered by a thick layer of water – Graphic image: Benoit Gougeo/ Universit√© de Montreal Initially, a …

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Giant star discovered still ‘in the womb’

Giant star discovered still 'in the womb'

The graphic shows that there is a giant new planet that has just been formed in the early stages called Aurigae b – Photo: NASA This is a discovery that challenges our understanding of planet formation. The researchers used the …

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Discovered strange asteroid shaped ‘dog bone’

Discovered strange asteroid shaped 'dog bone'

Kleopatra, also known as the “dog bone asteroid” with a two-lobed shape, is about 270km long. Astronomers have observed that this asteroid may be just a pile of rubble, likely formed from material accumulated after a giant collision. Asteroid Kleopatra …

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