Ignite the fire of young people’s commitment

Ignite the fire of young people's commitment

Young people entering hot spots, the outbreak will be an unforgettable image in the hearts of Ho Chi Minh City people when recalling the time of the COVID-19 outbreak in the whole city – Photo: QL In the second half …

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“Ray IV” at VCCA: Young people’s dialogue with nature

“Ray IV” at VCCA: Young people's dialogue with nature

With the theme “Method of dialogue with nature”, “Ray IV” makes viewers contemplative when removing the inherent aridity of ordinary art exhibitions. Nearly 40 artworks from more than 20 domestic and international artists, co-curated by two art researchers Abhijan Toto …

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Benchmark of People’s Police Academy in 2022

Benchmark of People's Police Academy in 2022

The way to calculate this year’s entrance exam score, the People’s Police entrance exam score accounts for 60% and the total score of three high school graduation exams in 2022 accounts for 40%, converted to a scale of 30. The …

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