Don’t chase happiness, learn ‘injury resistance’

Don't chase happiness, learn 'injury resistance'

Tal Ben-shahar is an author and expert on the psychology of happiness. He is also a lecturer, taking the class of one of Harvard University’s most popular courses. In his years of studying and brooding about positive thinking and the …

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Separatists say Ukraine’s ‘useless resistance’

Separatists say Ukraine's 'useless resistance'

Pro-Russian separatists say Ukraine’s resistance to defend the heavily fighting cities of Lysychansk and Severodonetsk is “futile”. “Their resistance is pointless and futile. I think with the speed of our advance, the entire territory of the People’s Republic of Lugansk …

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The US said Russia was surprised by Ukraine’s resistance

The US said Russia was surprised by Ukraine's resistance

The US official said the Russian strike force was slowing down and was frustrated by the unexpected resistance of the Ukrainian military. “We have information that Russian forces are increasingly frustrated that they have not been able to advance further …

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