43% of the world’s rivers contain dangerous drugs

43% of the world's rivers contain dangerous drugs

There are 23 active ingredients in pharmaceuticals that exceed the allowable concentration, causing river water to be polluted – Photo: NEW YORK POST The researchers found 23 active pharmaceutical ingredients in excess of “safe” concentrations in 43.5% of 1,052 water …

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The mystery of the “burnt moon” in NASA’s photos

The mystery of the "burnt moon" in NASA's photos

According to Science Alert, scientists initially suspected the iron-colored stain (nicknamed Mordor Macula) was methane obtained from Pluto’s surface, its red color the result of a slow “baking” process. under the ultraviolet light of the Sun. But that’s still just …

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Detecting sand ‘singing’ on the beach

Detecting sand 'singing' on the beach

View of the beach in Sanya city, Hainan province (China) “The discovery of this miraculous natural phenomenon will provide technical support for the development and protection of tourism resources in Hainan,” said the Northwest Institute of Environmental Resources and Resources …

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