Taiwan Coast Guard ships with anti-ship missiles

Taiwan test-fired anti-ship missile Hung Phong 2 from a coast guard ship, helping this law enforcement vessel possess the capability of a battleship.

During the test on May 23, the Taiwan Coast Guard’s CG-601 patrol boat launched a Hung Phong 2 anti-ship missile, hitting the target ship from a distance of 100 km. This is the first time that a Taiwanese coast guard ship has been equipped with missile launchers and fire control systems that are normally only mounted on warships.

“When a conflict breaks out, a series of Hung Phong anti-ship missiles can immediately be installed on a Coast Guard patrol boat, while the Coast Guard will dispatch missile crews to join the mission. “, sheet Liberty Times of Taiwan on May 27 said.

The ship CG-601 launched the HF-2 missile during a test on May 23.  Photo: Liberty Times.

The ship CG-601 launched the HF-2 missile during a test on May 23. Image: Liberty Times.

Hung Phong 2 (HF-2) is a subsonic anti-ship missile, with many similarities with the US RGM-84 Harpoon series. The development of this system began in the 1980s, the first missiles entered service in 1990.

Hung Phong missile is designed to attack enemy warships and ground targets, with a maximum range of about 120 km. The HF-2 version has a range of 160-250 km, while the latest HF-3 variant reaches supersonic speeds.

CG-601 is an Anping-class tri-hull patrol boat, optimized for high-speed patrol missions in coastal waters, can move at a maximum speed of 81 km/h. It adopts the design from the Tuo Chiang-class missile boat, but is only fitted with a 20mm caliber cannon.

Installing anti-ship missiles on coast guard ships is not a new idea. The US Coast Guard used to equip Harpoon missiles for Hamilton-class patrol boats during the Cold War period, to strengthen the force at sea.

However, military experts believe that this option is difficult for Taiwan to respond quickly to a lightning attack, especially when installing and deploying HF-2 missiles for all coast guard ships will It takes time and forces these ships to stay at the factory, which is very vulnerable to enemy ambushes.

China has always considered Taiwan as a province awaiting reunification and vowed to use force if necessary. Recently, the Chinese military has continuously increased military pressure on Taiwan by traditional and non-traditional means. In addition to flights close to the island with a record number of aircraft, the Chinese military also conducted many landing exercises to occupy the coast near Taiwan.

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