Taiwan rejects mainland’s ‘one country, two systems’ proposal

Taiwan rejects the mainland's proposal of one country, two systems - Photo 1.

Taiwanese soldiers operate anti-aircraft guns during a military exercise at Songshan Airport in Taipei City, Taiwan on August 8 – Photo: REUTERS

The above statement was issued by Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on August 11.

According to Reuters news agency, the agency’s spokeswoman, Ms. Au Giang An (Joanne Ou), said that only the people of Taiwan can decide the future of Taiwan.

Ms. Au accused Beijing of using the recent visit to Taiwan by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “as an excuse to create a new normal to intimidate the Taiwanese people”.

Meanwhile, the Mainland Commission, an agency set up by Taiwan, said it “strongly opposes” the 13,000-word white paper that China recently released.

“Taiwan insists that neither side of the Taiwan Strait has jurisdiction over the other, and Taiwan resolutely rejects the ‘one country, two systems’ principle. This is the status quo and the current reality in China. Taiwan Strait,” the agency said.

China has repeatedly claimed that Taiwan is part of China and that there is only one China on Earth.

On August 10, China published a white paper titled “Taiwan issue and the new era of Chinese reunification”. Follow Global Timesthis is China’s third white paper on the Taiwan issue, after the previous white paper published in 1993 and 2000.

The 3rd White Paper declares that peaceful reunification and “one country, two systems” are China’s basic principles for resolving the Taiwan issue, and the best approach for national reunification. .

The fifth chapter of the above white paper is titled “Implementing the bright prospect of peaceful reunification of the Fatherland”, consisting of four parts.

Theo Global TimesThis is the first time mainland China has “detailed the bright prospects of peaceful reunification in such a high-level official document,” analysts said.

It is worth noting that the white paper details the “one country, two systems” model for Taiwan, based on experience and lessons learned in the Hong Kong and Macau special administrative regions, and states that “one country is the prerequisite and foundation of two systems”.

Although it vowed to step up efforts for peaceful reunification, the white paper also stated that China “will not give up the use of force”.

Taiwan military drills

Taiwan’s Self-Defense Forces held another live-fire drill on August 11, after Beijing wrapped up its largest-ever military drill around the island. this.

Lou Woei-jye, spokesman for Taiwan’s 8th Army Corps, said their forces fired artillery and flares as part of the drills on the morning of August 11. The exercise took place in Pingtung County, the southernmost tip of the island of Taiwan.

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