Taiwanese fighter jets test on the highway

Taiwanese fighter jets test on the highway - Photo 1.

A US-made F-16 fighter jet takes off from a highway in Taiwan on September 15 – Photo: AFP

Writing on the social network Facebook, Ms. Tsai Ing-wen said the drill was aimed at strengthening combat skills, quick response and demonstrating Taiwan’s confidence in defending its airspace.

According to Reuters news agency, three aircraft including an F-16, a French-made Mirage and a Ching-kuo, and an E-2 Hawk-Eye early warning aircraft landed on one of them. specially designed runways for quick conversion into runways.

Taiwan has a total of five highways that can turn into emergency runways in the event of a Chinese attack on the island’s air bases, allowing Taiwan’s air force to remain operational.

The September 15 landing drill is the most dramatic part of the Han Kuang live-fire drill, which began on September 13 and lasted for five days.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said the exercise will be aimed at testing the ability to preserve combat power to deal with an all-out attack from China.

The exercises will include testing the force’s medical coordination ability to respond to simulated biochemical attacks from the Chinese military, nighttime combat capabilities, and defensive capabilities. air, land and sea defense of this force. Forces will also be tested for their ability to respond to pre-emptive attacks from China such as a raid on the island’s leadership office.

Taiwan has continuously deployed fighter jets to prevent Chinese planes from entering the territory’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ). Beijing has stepped up pressure on Taiwan through successive drills near the island.

On September 15, the National Defense Agency said that nine Chinese aircraft, including six J-16 fighter jets, flew into the territory’s ADIZ, prompting Taiwan to deploy planes to repel it. Earlier on September 5, up to 19 Chinese aircraft, including bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons, flew into Taiwan’s ADIZ.


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